Instructions for use Motion Free

How to properly use sunscreen Motion Free

How to use the Motion Free

Описываемое remedy for the treatment of the joints is not only effective, but also easy to use. The cream is easy to apply, and the active ingredients are quickly absorbed for 10-15 minutes. The product should be applied every day at least 3 times, when it is the appropriate kind of massage the aching joints, to accelerate absorption and increase the effect of the cream. A therapeutic course of application is 4-5 weeks, but if necessary, can be repeated use over a monthly break.

Indications and contraindications

Application Motion Free is indicated in the presence of the following symptoms of diseases of the joints:

  • edema or swelling of the knees or elbows;
  • the emergence of the underwire from the side near the thumb of the foot, which causes discomfort and pain;
  • headaches when the weather changes;
  • pain in the ступнях or in your lap in the morning immediately after waking up;
  • not around your head on your elbows and knees after the man was sick with the flu, or ангиной;
  • back pain, neck;
  • restrictions on motor function of limbs or торса;
  • characteristic хрусты after turning the head, bending the elbows or knees.

These symptoms are important symptoms of joint arthrosis, arthritis and sciatica. To these issues has passed into the chronic stage, it is necessary as soon as possible to initiate treatment with a cream Motion Free. This medicine is made exclusively from natural ingredients, therefore it has no contraindications and side effects (can also use children, women while feeding the baby the breasts). The only limitation is an individual intolerance of some of the substances included in the composition of the cream.