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  • Hurts the muscles of the back or kidney – how to find out. Symptoms of kidney disease what are the symptoms point to disease of the back and spine, other causes of pain. The methods of diagnosis.
    27 September 2018
  • With back pain for more than 80% of the population. Sedentary work, or on the contrary, the long seating area on the feet, lack of physical activity, and weak muscle corset back lead to headaches in the back. Pain may be the cause of various diseases of the internal organs.
    17 September 2018
  • Hurt my back in the lumbar: why is this happening and what are you?
    17 August 2018
  • Why there is pain under the ribs, gives in the back? Such a speech can talk about anything, reveal yourself to the cause of not working.
    15 August 2018
  • Joint pain in one form or another affects up to 5/6 of all people in the age from 35 years.
    27 July 2018