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  • The causes of lumbar osteochondrosis. Changes in the symptoms of the pathology at various stages of the disease. Conservative and operative therapeutic options, preventive measures.
    11 September 2021
  • All about osteoarthritis of the joints. Reasons, the development stage and the symptoms of the disease. Methods of treatment and prevention of the defective process in the joints.
    6 July 2020
  • It's hard to find a disease that cannot be in any area of the back. Very often chest pain and back pain arise overnight. The main factors that lead to this condition - an increase in the load on the lumbar department, bruises and injuries, a sedentary way of life.
    22 September 2018
  • About 80% of all back pain falls on the lower back, and cause her a variety of reasons. There are many folk recipes
    16 August 2018