author Ádám



  • The reasons why it hurts loin and underbelly can be very different – from back problems to gynecological infections. Only the doctor will determine the correct diagnosis. Back pain after physical exertion, chronic fatigue and increases the severity.
    26 August 2018
  • Problems with the lower back always have a face in pain, this symptom occurs very often. The intervertebral discs are in this area very vulnerable and wear out faster than in other parts of the spine.
    17 August 2018
  • The diagnosis "osteochondrosis" and "intervertebral hernia" gave almost everyone, who turned to the doctor with pain in the back. But in fact, these diseases are the cause of pain in less than 15% of the cases.
    14 August 2018
  • What to do when back hurts in the lumbar: than treat the pain sensations and how to prevent the development of dangerous diseases
    7 August 2018