Back pain and lower back pain – a precursor to the disease or a common phenomenon?

pain in the back

Complaints of pain in the back and lower back occur completely and the next in the acute and outpatient medical practice. The severity of this condition is due to the fact that the acute pain significantly limits physical activity and performance of people.

Most often, the complaints come in:

  1. Pain in the back, higher backs.
  2. Pain in the lower back.
  3. Pain in the back under the lower back.

Pain in the back above the rest

Such pain may occur periodically, or be chronic. Sometimes the pain goes away, but may return again after lifting weights; a sharp tilt of the trunk; prolonged sitting, inappropriate height of the table.

The main cause may be:

  • A bad posture.
  • Ill-equipped working places.
  • Osteochondrosis of the.
  • Radiculitis.
  • Myofasial syndrome.

Pain in the lower back

The most common condition. Usually occurs in people of middle and older age, but also young people immune to manifesting with similar symptoms. For this condition there is even a separate organization in medicine – "lumbago".

Pain in lumbago arises on the background of strong physical stress, or due to a sharp неловкого movement and is so intense that a person, as if "stuck" in one position. When you try to change the position of the body at more than comfortable - the pain is intensifying. Influence on the emergence of painful feelings, in addition to physical exertion, can hypothermia.

pain in the lower back

Предопределяющими the causes of lumbago are:

  • Radiculitis.
  • A lumbar hernia.
  • The Offset of the vertebrae.
  • Hair of the disk between the vertebrae (during very intense physical exertion).

Pain during lumbago is a very sharp, spicy, so much pain yet so-called "прострел". Sometimes прострел preventing even a deeply inhale and exhale air. In a horizontal, relaxed position gradually the pain goes away. Ill feel like in the back ", that something happened on the spot".

Back pain below the waist

Pain under lower back pain often spreads to the legs. Can be acute or chronic. Occurs on the background of physical exertion, and after hypothermia.

The cause may be the following:

  • The Disease Ankylosing Spondylitis.
  • Hernia between vertebrae disks.
  • Radiculitis.

Frequent is complaint of pain in the back and lower back directly on the right side. It is possible symptom of renal colic.

Symptoms: the pain is put on the abdomen, genitals. Sometimes patients feel an acute urge to urinate.

The character of the pain – is very strong and intense. This is an urgent condition requiring immediate врачебного intervention. In this case, the first thing you need to cause a "Quick help".

Emit several types of back pain and lower back pain:

  1. Pain musculoskeletal muscle genesis.
  2. The pain arising due to the injury.
  3. Pain that spreads in a lumbar department.
  4. Pain that starts in people younger than 50 years.
  5. Pain that starts in people over 50 years.
  6. Pain that appears in the pregnancy period (not патологией, arises as a result of amplification of the functional load on the body).

Back pain and lower back pain of muscular origin

All the tiny ligaments, joint capsules, connective tissue, shells, bones - everything is in the summary of its features allows us to move – it is accompanied by spatial and pain sensitivity. Factors injury, excessive loading, misalignment of the articular отростков, leading to inflammatory reactions that cause pain.

Back pain and lower back pain is caused by injury

Sudden sharp loads on the muscles may lead to partial damage of the muscle or ligament. Get a minor injury may even a healthy person in a specific injury. The pain usually accompanies the spasm, which leads over a few days in the lightweight case, either through the several weeks in more serious injuries. The pain gradually becomes ноющей, not scathing.

Pervasive pain in поясницу and back


Such pain is manifested when it becomes stenosis of the nerve root due to the narrowing of the spinal canal and the holes between the vertebrae or in the грыже between the vertebrae disks.


The cause of the stenosis believe the degenerative changes of the nerve roots. In some cases, they carry out operations – a laminectomy. This operation allows you to provide access to спинному brain thanks to dissect the arch of the vertebra. In this way, it is removed or even completely eliminated the pressure on the nerve roots.

Pressure on the roots occurs as a result of age changes, so that young people are almost not susceptible to this disease.

Pain when stenosis occurs in the back, then spread to the legs. A person walks, limping. It is accompanied by a feeling of numbness, dull ноющей pain.

Hernia between vertebrae

This disease is formed gradually. According to statistics, the acute bouts of pain in the грыже between the vertebrae occur in people тридцатилетнего of age and older. Symptoms manifest themselves in each person differently, but there are common features: for example, a man limps, avoids a strong burden on the injured side, holding the injured limb in a bent state. If during the inspection the doctor ask bend, разогнуть, turn to the injured leg – it's certainly a sign that the patients reduced the volume of movements.

Back pain and lower back pain, which originated in people younger than 50 years

To a group of diseases in which pain in the back and lower back pain occurs in young and middle age, include:

  • Остеомиелит of the spine.
  • Spondilolistezom.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Sacroileitis.

Остеомиелит – inflammation of the bone marrow, it affects the outer layer of the bone and the substance of the bone. Остеомиелит of the spine often occurs in people affected by infections of the urinary system; diabetes mellitus; skin infections; dermatological infections. The main symptom – pain in the lower back, усиливающаяся when walking. It is accompanied by a state of nausea and fever. The originator of the остеомиелита – staphylococcus aureus.

Остеомиелит may the sick and the children. The bacteria that form the pus, apply to the bone tissue and the outer layer of the bones and crumbling bones. In infants the defeat of the bones leads to the development of arthritis (joint disorders).

Ways of penetration of the pathogen остеомиелита:

  • Through the bloodstream.
  • Over the focus of inflammation.
  • Through the penetrating force injury (for example, after bone fractures, or after the performed operations on bone tissue, as a result травматичной equipment operation and violation of the principles of asepsis).

Spondilolistezom - offset of the fifth lumbar vertebrae forward towards крестцу. Симптоматика of this disease varies depending on the severity of the degenerative changes.

Main complaints: back pain, pain in the hips, shins; a strong weakness. As a result of spasm of the muscles decreases the amount of movement. Any concussion of the spine increases the pain, so walking is the patients becomes cautious, soft. Depending on the degree of misalignment of the vertebrae share four basic stages, which depending on the percent distortion: up to 25% 25 to 50% from 50% to 75%, 75% and above.

Fibromyalgia – is an inflammatory process in the fibrous connective tissue.

Symptoms: pain along the entire body, the small mobility of the spine, weakness in the morning period after sleep. The intensity of pain: from mild to very strong. According to the statistics, fibromyalgia occurs predominantly in middle-aged women. Patients often complain of sleep problems, headaches, emerging after the voltage, after the emotional stress.

acroiliitis is usually in combination with rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic inflammation of the intestinal system. This disease occurs not so often, get sick of them, mostly young people.


  • Back pain and lower back pain.
  • Fever.
  • The drastic weight loss.
  • Digestive problems, particularly diarrhea.

Back pain and lower back pain, which originated in people over 50 years

To a group of diseases which are confined to an older age after 50 years, include:

  • Osteoporosis.
  • Spondylosis.
  • Tumors of the spine.

Osteoporosis is a reduction in the density of the tissue, the bones, which becomes fragile and ломкой. This is a very common cause of painful sensations in the lower back is caused by a violation of metabolism, and in particular – the lack of calcium. The disease is typical for older children; suffering from both women and men.

Spondylosis is formed gradually from fraying and cracks between the individual vertebrae. Happening sprains of the joints, arise дистрофические changes in the outer parts of the disk. The reasons may be excessive load on the bone-muscle apparatus, and травматизация of the spine. Symptoms спондилеза is pain in the lower back, increase the inflammatory process. Initially, the pain is not too strong and occurs when long-term physical activity, later pain becomes intense and it shows up even when you cough. Worsening pain is accompanied by спазмами about vertebrate muscles.

Tumors of the spine – not a very common disease. In young people arise from a benign education, which is touching the back of отростки vertebrae. In people of older age, forming malignant tumors, affecting the front отростки vertebrae.

The defeat of the spine метастазами is a common process. What is very important, in 25% of cases is the main symptom of the lesion is pain in the back.

This fact again reminds us that the pain in the back and the lower back is usually a clear sign of the disease.

Back pain and lower back pain during pregnancy period

In the period of pregnancy many women feel the constant pull back pain and lower back pain. The mechanism of occurrence of this pain is to increase the secretion of the hormone relaxin, whose function is to размягчить ligaments of the sacral department (preparation of birth canal for the passage of the fetus). Because relaxin has no electoral impact, affects all ligaments, causing pain in the lumbar, which is the increased burden in connection with the increase in the weight of pregnant.

Expanding the weight shifts the center of the torso forward, the lumbar and pelvic muscles straining to balance the body. This is due to the excessive load on these muscles increases the pain.

Simple recommendations for pregnant ladies, which will help you to reduce the intensity of pain in the back and lower back:

  • Straight smoothly.
  • Try to avoid lifting weights, if possible – to increase the no jerks, no dramatically. Increase the severity, without bending, provided the weight of the center of gravity evenly on both hands.
  • If you need to bend over to the floor – then smoothly drop to your knees, without bending your back.
  • Get out of bed, you first need to turn on your side, then get on your knees, crawl, holding something that is stable – for example, on the back of the sofa.
  • Download objects placed up high – you can lose your balance.
  • Can not wear high heels.

The softening of the ligaments of the relaxin – this is the most common but not the only reason why back pain and lower back pain in pregnant. Sometimes it happens, loss of drive or pinch the sciatic nerve.

Acute pain in the lower back with the 38 th week of pregnancy may indicate the beginning of labor activity. Therefore, in such a situation, it is necessary to urgently call a doctor.

Diagnosis of pain in the back and lower back

Because there are many causes of back pain and lower back pain, then often a situation arises where it is difficult to distinguish one disease from another, which has a similar симптоматику.

Diagnosis is performed by these basic ways:

  • Computer or magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Myelography
  • Scintigraphy.

Computed tomography allows to identify the structural changes of the vertebrae; related changes перенесенными infection; injury; fracture; osteoporosis; tumors; arthritis.

Computer studies is assessed according to three basic parameters: the state of the bone tissue, soft tissue and blood vessels.

Myelography is a radiopaque обследованием of the conductive paths of the spinal cord. Display all pathological conditions, which reduces the height of the channel of the spine – tumors, стенозах, грыжах. Contrasting fabric (most often gas xenon) injected into the spinal cord, then spend the xray study.

If the primary data should x-ray studies are of little informative first of all, then it is specified radionuclide scan (scintigraphy). This method allows to diagnose tumor growths, arthritis and other diseases. This method is relatively expensive, therefore, we do not always.

Treatment of pain in the back and lower back

treatment of back pain

Treatment of pain in the back and lower back with невыясненной этиологией is симптоматическим and provides peace of mind on a bed, marking the седативных remedies, painkillers and medications, constituting inflammation. Effective is also marking the release of muscles that reduce tension in muscles and by снимающие feelings of pain.

Lack of physical activity during the workday — is a characteristic feature of the work in the office. Situation without движени, a prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position provoke an excessive burden on the joints and they become the cause of pain, discomfort and gradual destruction of cartilage. So workers office it is advisable to regularly do the exercises, and also them it is necessary to receive funds, roll-over protection and settlement хрящевую fabric, chondroprotector.

If after completing the diagnostic procedures give a definite diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe appropriate conservative therapy and in some cases solves the question about the appropriateness of surgical treatment. Not always effectively купирование the symptoms of the disease, because it is the disease itself doesn't leave. This means that the treatment is necessary to do so, which will be aimed at eliminating the causes of pain.

Sick is referred to osteopathy, including physiological mechanisms of the processes of self-regulation in the body.

The most important thing – not to self-medicate, and consult a qualified professional who will put the correct diagnosis and выработает the correct tactics of treatment.