What to do when back hurts in the lumbar

"Sciatica", "grabbed back", "wrenching shots", "sciatica", "pulling the legs", "osteochondrosis" - diseases and uncomfortable symptoms faced by women and men of different ages. After physical exertion, hypothermia, wearing weights, when working in uncomfortable positions people often complain that the back hurts in the area of the lumbar.

back pain in the lumbar

Likely causes

Pain in the lower back, shots to the back, neurological disorders arise under the influence of external and internal unfavorable factors. The longer the patient suffers from unbearable симптоматику, the more advancing pathology. Refusal of annual medical examinations, especially after age 40, increases the risk of developing advanced stages of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and other divisions of the body.

Allocate two groups of the causes of back pain in the lumbar:

  • vertebrogenic - discomfort in the lower back develops on the background of diseases of the spine;
  • invertebrate - pain arises as a result of damage to the organs of the urinary system, colon, cancer the process. Also difficulties often appear in pregnant in excessive load on the поясницу.

Pain vertebrogenic and neurological nature are associated with various diseases of the spine and the back muscles:

  • osteoporosis;
  • lumbar osteochondrosis;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • degenerative sacroiliitis;
  • protrusion of the intervertebral disc;
  • sciatica;
  • radiculopathy;
  • scoliosis;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • intercostal neuralgia;
  • pinched nerve roots in the spine;
  • ankylosing spondylarthrosis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • lumbago;
  • миозит;
  • sciatica.

Also pain in the back and lower back occurs in the following cases:

  • injury;
  • congenital anomalies of the structures of the spine;
  • a sudden increase in body weight;
  • menstruation, childbirth, pregnancy;
  • the implementation of epidural anesthesia;
  • lifting weights.

Pain reflects the character of background diseases of other organs:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • уреаплазмоз, chlamydia;
  • complications after the flu, colds, pain in the neck;
  • persistent constipation, colitis;
  • the defeat of the gallbladder and liver;
  • tumors of the digestive system;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • kidney pathology;
  • polyps and the neoplastic process in the uterus, the ovaries.

It is important to know the factors inducing pain syndrome lower back:

  • сидячая work;
  • hypothermia;
  • low двигательная activity;
  • a sharp transition to intense activity;
  • some sports: weight lifting, bodybuilding;
  • obesity;
  • frequent stress;
  • hypothermia;
  • scoliosis of 2-4 degrees;
  • improper nutrition;
  • heavy physical labor.



Pain in the lumbar region is different:

  • pulling;
  • acute;
  • sharp;
  • aching;
  • periodic;
  • constant;
  • weakly expressed;
  • unbearable;
  • paroxysmal;
  • throbbing.

Often added церебральные complications, neurological disorders at a stenosis, a jamming of nerves and blood vessels:

  • numbness, cooling of the lower limbs and toes;
  • "pins and needles under the skin"
  • reducing the sensitivity of the affected area;
  • painful shots, in which the pain moves to the feet, паховую zone, the buttocks along the course of sciatic nerve;
  • pallor of the skin on legs;
  • limitation of motion of the lumbar zone;
  • intermittent claudication;
  • cramps;
  • paresis;
  • paralysis of the lower limbs.

Effective therapy options

The first step - an appeal to the doctors: incorrect diagnosis by a person without medical training, the application of unproven methods often brings harm, erases the picture of the disease, triggers the transition of the acute into the chronic form. The result of the self-treatment of the pitiable: on the background of reduction of болевого syndrome, masking the symptoms, the doctors reveal an advanced stage of disease of the spine, the treatment is longer, затратное, not always successful. In active organizations, прогрессировании дегенеративно - дистрофических processes the patient often gets a group of disability.

Conclusion! Upon the occurrence of болевого syndrome in the lumbar need to turn to a specialist: neurologist, traumatologist-ортопеду, vertebrologist. When suspected on the development of diseases of organs in the pelvic area or of the kidneys need to see a urologist, nephrologist, gynecologist or проктолога.



Effective methods:

  • electrophoresis with Lidaza, Hydrocortisone, Euphyllinum;
  • mud;
  • ozocerite and paraffin body wraps;
  • pearl and turpentine baths;
  • amplipulse therapy;
  • electro muscle stimulation.

Therapeutic physical education

Special exercises picks up an orthopedist or vertebrologist. The complex of therapeutic exercises can be done after strength reduction of the inflammatory process, decrease pain back.

Regular exercise improves nutrition and blood supply to the elements of the spine, strengthen the muscles, warn of stagnant phenomena. When патологиях of the spine is important to have a good muscular corset for reducing the load on the bone tissue.

Complex physical therapy initially should be carried out under the supervision of a physical therapist, after studying the exercise the patient is engaged in at home. Good effect gives the use of special simulators for the back. Jumps, sharp turns, mahi feet, running, high power loads is prohibited. In addition to the pursuit physical therapy you can visit the pool, do long walks (not necessarily relax the accumulation of fatigue).


An important element of the therapy of many diseases in the lumbar region, when дискомфорте in the area of the back and spine. The movement of different nature разогревают muscles, eliminate spasms, activates blood microcirculation, a positive effect on the overall condition and mood of the patient.

For a more pronounced therapeutic effect of the massage should make the expert. Bad influence on the lumbar department and other parts of the back may hasten the progression of the pathology. Course of massage begin only with the consent of vertebrologist or Traumatologist-orthopedist: when the active inflammatory / process, accidents, the bias of the vertebrae can not put pressure on problem land, accelerate blood circulation in the focus of the defeat.

Other methods of treatment

For the effects on the problematic stretch in the lower back subject to different procedures and products. All actions must be approved by the traumatologist-the orthopedist and vertebrologist. If the pain in the lower back pain causes on the background of pathology in other parts of the body, then you need advice urologist, проктолога, a gynecologist.

In cooperation with a narrow specialist spends:

  • acupuncture;
  • hirudotherapy;
  • apitherapy;
  • manual therapy.

Positive evaluation of vertebrologists get original accessories:

  • multi-needle applicator Lyapko;
  • applicator Kuznetsova;
  • the device Almag - 01 (magnetic impulses, used streams);
  • warm strip on the back pain in the lower back of the wetsuit and the waves;
  • supports a corset for the lumbar.

Folk remedies and recipes

Folk remedies and recipes

Phytotherapeutists offers dozens of recipes for reducing inflammation, eliminating pain in the lower back. Home remedies used as another element of therapy, only after consultation with vertebrologist or orthopedist. Phytomedication is taken orally, put on problem zones in the form of ointments, compresses, poultices.

In acute inflammation согревающие products use is prohibited: the disease process is an active infection (with the presence of the etiologic agent in tissues) has spread rapidly through the body.

Effective folk remedies:

  • compress on the поясницу of fresh or steamed leaves of burdock;
  • согревающая ointment based on petroleum jelly with camphor, fir, rosemary, lavender, orange or эвкалиптовым oil;
  • the combination of mustard plaster with honey;
  • compress of vegetable oil and garlic;
  • infusion of chamomile, чабреца and st john's wort;
  • a warm poultice with mustard powder;
  • ointment with melted butter (pig fat) and medicinal herbs: plantain way, pine kidneys, анисом, chamomile, burdock roots, the leaves of sage and birch;
  • infusions, decoctions for ingestion on the basis of herbs, flowers, fruits, roots. Useful plants: mint, rocket, chamomile, hypericum, спорыш, calendula, burdock root. They activate metabolism, reduce inflammation, saturate the body with useful elements of the kidneys poplar, rhizomes of a wheat grass, valerian, immortelle, dandelion, knotweed snake, the bark of the white willow.

Pain in the lower back - it is a signal about the problems in the spine or other organs in the lower back. You need to visit your doctor, обследоваться, determine the cause of the discomfort and diagnosis, undergo treatment.