Pain under the ribs is spinning

If you suddenly begin to worry about pain on right side under ribs in back, the person always understands what doctors need to be treated. People, not tech in medicine, usually associate the emergence of this alarming symptom with the pathology of the kidney. But practice shows that in many cases the painful expressions on the right side of the back provoked other, less serious diseases. Let's see what diseases can be the causative agents of the formation of the above symptom.

The pain, localized in the right hypochondrium, rear side, has a lot of reasons. In addition to the kidney, in this area are located the gallbladder, intestines, pancreas, lungs. Problems in the work of any of those organs can manifest in the form of unpleasant sensations in the lower back. Also pain on the right side, gives in the back, they often appear in problems with the nervous system, the spine and organs of small pelvis.

What do you do when your back hurts?


It is seen that the discomfort in the right hypochondrium it seriously. In his creation of man is the need to quickly write down on reception to the doctor. The specialist will send the patient for examination and examination and then will give him an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Wait, when the pain subside alone, or engage self-heal. in this case, it is strictly contraindicated, because such negotiations can lead to a deterioration of health.

So, how to determine which doctor to go? To do this you need to listen to yourself. Pain on right side under ribs in the back are distinguished according to location, extent, intensity and periodicity. They can be of a permanent nature, or occur from time to time, be sharp, dull or aching, focus on one spot or spread in a large area. Depending on the type and localization of the pain, you can make preliminary conclusions about which authority can provoke.


Pain in the sides, under the ribs on the lower part of the back is a sign of chronic or acute pyelonephritis. In the case where the uncomfortable feelings of a man worried about is only on the right side, it is necessary to exclude a pathology which is located on this side of the kidneys.

Acute pyelonephritis during accompanied by a constant dull aching, pain in the abdomen, which intensified when tapping your fingers on the lower ribs on the rear side of the affected kidney. In addition to the painful feelings, the disease is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, chills, frequent urination, the emergence of edema, the common decline of forces, nausea, vomiting. In the absence of back pain treatment for the person, it will be worse, and the health status deteriorate. In advanced forms of the disease can lead to severe consequences.

For chronic right pyelonephritis is a typical weak aching pain, which becomes intense during hypothermia of the body. The symptoms of the disease, in addition to discomfort in the lumbar, they are also a mild increase in body temperature and frequent urination. If in addition to pain under the right podžebřím in humans have appeared other symptoms characteristic of acute or chronic pyelonephritis, you should immediately might seem to the urologist.

Kidney stones disease

Visit a urologist should and for suspected kidney stones disease. When her pain on right side under ribs in the back bothering the patient, if there are stones in the kidney occur from the affected parties. Discomfort in the lower back can be varying degrees of intensity. Are dependent on the size of the stone and its position in the urinary tract. Most often when the patient's illness troubled by dull pain that gets worse when fast walking, running, driving in traffic, as well as in the consumption of large amounts of fluid. They can be both persistent and newly emerging from time to time. Without changes to the companion of the disease is a painful,difficult urination: the lower the stone in the ureter, the stronger will be expressed discomfort.

Problems with the liver

If it hurts your back, below the ribs, it is necessary to exclude diseases of the organs of the digestive tract. On the right side is located the gallbladder, pancreas and liver. The inflammatory process in each of these organs is manifested by pain, both in the abdomen and in the back. At the failure of the organs of the digestive tract of man is necessary to visit a gastroenterologist.

pain in the back

Persistent pain pain, gives in the back on the right side, should be cause for examination of the liver. When disease of this organ unpleasant sensations worsen during physical exertion and become weaker still. When liver diseases pain in the right lower back worse after the ingestion of fatty, sharp products, and alcoholic beverages. In addition to her pathological processes in the body evidenced by nausea, heartburn, belching, rapid fatigue, poor appetite, bitterness in the mouth. Often diseases of the liver are accompanied by yellowing of the skin sheets.

Gallstone disease and cholecystitis

Sharp pain on right side under ribs in back and front may indicate a heart attack, gallstone disease and require immediate seek medical help. Fever arises in consequence of the blockage of the stone the bile ducts, and often the only way to treat the disease is surgical intervention. Pain with a heart attack may be radiation to the right shoulder blade, neck. Sometimes it extends to the heart, causing angina. His symptoms during an attack of gallstone disease are fever, changing the color of fecal masses, yellowing of the skin. Provoke an aggravation of diseases can abuse oily and spicy food, physical stress.

If the right hypochondrium pain for a few days and this symptom is accompanied by a febrile illness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, bloating and muscle tension in the abdominal cavity, then doctors first thing, which secrete an attack of acute cholecystitis. For this disease are typical of the constant gnawing pain of medium intensity, which are sometimes accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and burning. Bouts of cholecystitis in the prevailing majority of cases occur in people who suffer from gallstone disease.


Intense exhausting pain, radiating under ribs (or within one of them), in the lower back and the area of the shoulder blades can occur when the inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). But not all people the disease manifests itself only unpleasant feelings in the described areas of the body. Often during the exacerbation of the disease the patient is beset surrounds the pain, covering the immediately stomach and back. Are accompanied by chills, severe vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, fever and the overall decline of forces. The pain during an attack of pancreatitis last up to a few days and calm down only after a person starts taking prescribed by a doctor-specialist medication, so put off a visit to him, not worth it. Heavy course of the disease requires immediate hospitalization.


Pain on right side under ribs in the back can cause appendicitis. For appendicitis is typical of the constant mild dull pain, increasing while driving. Its location — right side, but at the beginning of a heart attack may occur in the area of the navel, on the back side under the ribs or cover the whole belly. In addition to painful sensations, inflammation of the appendicitis is also reflected in the increased temperature, loss of appetite, nausea, single vomiting, loose stools, increased heart rate. If a man appeared the described symptoms, it is necessary to urgently call the ambulance. Any delay may end up inflammation of the peritoneum and fatal.

Lung disease

pain under the ribs

Constant, regular, or completely new pain, pain under the right scapula may indicate pathological processes in the direction on the affected side. It can be pneumonia, pleurisy and even malignant tumor. In those diseases headaches in the back on the right side of attending with a strong cough badly, detachable liquid, weakness, fever status. If humans suffer similar symptoms, it is necessary to consult with a therapist or pulmonologist.

Problems with the spine

Very severe pain in the right lower back arise due to lumbar intervertebral hernia. They can spread from the hearth of inflammation in the area below the knee, the lower leg, on the back side of the thighs. Often in diseases of people complain about the numbness of the individual zones of the lower limbs, tingling and burning in my toes, paresis. The pain when walking is strengthened, and in a lying position becomes tolerant. Intervertebral hernia lumbar heals, the surgeon-orthopedist.

Painful sensations of varying intensity in the region of the right hypochondrium may occur in injuries of the spine the pillar during the downs. If after 1-2 days after the incident, the person becomes easier, it is necessary to consult with a doctor and eliminate the possibility of damage to internal organs.

Other reasons

Acute or pulling pain with sharp feeling under the right rib can occur due to psychosomatic diseases. It usually occurs regularly and lasts a long time. In this case, help a person to get rid of the painful feelings of a neurologist or a psychiatrist.

Culprits causing discomfort in the lower right part of the back can be diseases of the urinary system. When these uncomfortable feelings persist, and not decrease, even when the person is in the solid state. The fairer sex should realize that the pain, focusing under the right rib, are a symptom of a whole range of gynecological diseases. For their diagnostics it is necessary to turn on a woman advice.

But not always pulling pain in the lower back points to health problems. If they appear after a night, and then disappear without a trace, then its cause is uncomfortable bed. In this case, one only needs to change the mattress.

When pain in right lower back it is strictly forbidden to give themselves a diagnosis and taking medications that were not assigned by a doctor. You cannot use a heating pad, even when away from her warmth, the person becomes easier. It is important to note that in the right hypochondrium are vital organs, so when any complaints of pain in this area is needed urgently to seem to the doctor. Only the right approach in the treatment will help the patient to become healthy.