Pain in the back

Pain in the back above the rest is familiar to many people. At least once in life each of us has experienced such a symptom. Symptoms such as the pain associated with the lumbar and the department of the thoracic spine, but the reason may not only be problems with the spine. Where would she be given pain just above the bottom of the back or below, right or left, it is a signal of the body about violations at work. Causes of pain higher passport may bear the character of a morbid or not morbid. Some pathological causes can be related to systemic diseases, other are associated with disease of the spine or the muscles. The pain may manifest as acute, pulling, dull, burning sensation that accompanies a reaction tingling, numbness, tingling. The intensity ranges from mild to is not feasible, interfering do any movement. In combination with the pain in flank, lower limbs, stop.

Pathological causes related to systemic diseases in which pain occurs in the spine higher restraint:

  1. Obesity (overweight): when the excess weight of the spine is exposed to excessive exertion, maintain a daily activity, this leads to a gradual wear and tear, reducing the height of the vertebrae and compression of the nerve endings;
  2. Nerve compression: this is the most common reason why when the pain in the back above the encircling the waist, and sharply completely new. It can spread to the leg. Including hip joint, thigh, buttocks. And sometimes on the whole leg including the foot. Compression can be caused by decreased lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, with the possible education of the intervertebral hernia.
  3. Tumor: is associated with the presence of growths, rarely occurs. The presence of a tumor can manifest itself, dragging pain, back hurts, just above the lower back. Tumors that cause this type of pain : tumors of the kidney, neoplasms of rickets, lipoma, fibrosarcoma, metastases in the bones of the tumors that are found in other parts of the body (in this is produced to the flow of the disease a painful become strongly attached).
  4. Spinal stenosis: a degenerative disease associated with aging. This leads to compression of the spinal nerves, which entails the emergence of pain.
  5. Infection: inflammatory disease caused by infections. Emerging pain directly from bone diseases, such as osteomyelitis or a consequence of diseases such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, etc.

It is not pathological the most common causes of back pain and lower back pain:

  1. Posture: poor posture throughout the day is the main reason. Those who often sit at work in front of a computer, they may have inappropriate and wrong position, which cause tension of the muscles and strain of the lumbar area of the spine, causing pain in the muscles of the back, higher waist, inflammation of the. As well as pain in the back below the shoulder blades above the rest
  2. Pregnancy: during pregnancy, especially towards the end of the period, often suffer from pain in the lumbar region. It is associated with an increase in the weight of the uterus and the near position to the lumbar region of the spine, causing inflammation, which causes pain.
  3. After the birth of the period: the constant wearing of the child on the hand and is not typical of the movement, will cause an excessive load on the spine.
  4. Sports: can cause relief from the pain of muscular origin, and bone marrow. Causing a large load, large weight, tension, microtrauma after class or competition, muscle contractures, their result will be pain.
  5. Stress and anxiety: the pain bears the character of a psychosomatic or psychogenic field, which causes excessive muscle tension.
  6. Injuries: physical injuries lumbar and thoracic spine.

In other pathological causes can be called chairs, mattresses, sofas, beds, shoes, etc. in Fact, if the spine does not have good support while sitting, lying, walking, you may experience the inflammatory phenomena that lead to back pain.Pain in the lower back, above the lower part of the back, in the back on the right side, pulls a pain in the neck can be a symptom of other diseases that are associated with other organs: diarrhea, menstrual cycle (abdominal cramps), disorders of the pelvic organs, diseases of the kidney, colon and so on Such a pain is a symptom, so the diagnosis should be focused on identifying the causes of the occurrence. A physical examination, collection of medical history, further examination will help the doctor to determine the cause and prescribe the treatment of pain a higher waist and back. What you need to do in the manifestation of the first symptoms and which doctor to go? First, what is to be done, go to the doctor-neurologist. It asks you questions on the nature of pain and location, repeatability, frequency, checks the neurological reflexes. If it is necessary to prescribe diagnostic studies such as MRI (the capacity of the apparatus must be 1 Tesla and more) or a ct of the lumbar.