Back pain: causes, how to get rid of the pain, treatment

More than the disease in this part of the body are the only ways to treat or at least temporarily eliminate the symptoms. Let's understand, without tantrums and after the order: what can be wrong and how to proceed.

pain in the back

The first thing you along with us will have to admit that my whole life to ignore the pain in the back will succeed. You can of course try, but it is better to look at those who've already done it and now (in older age) troubled from back pain, and numb limbs. Do you think that in vain to scare them? Come to be afraid of science. Back pain – this is the beginning of the disease, which can be thrillers film – like dynamic.


You diligently teach – literally squeeze the back over books and a laptop. In moments of particularly dismal session the poor creature begins to cry. But in the breaks between pairs, and hiking in the library, you run around, swim, walk dance – i.e. the posture, maintaining the relative plasticity (i.e., returns to the "straight" place). Muscles periodically relax, silhouette straightens, and life, until delight.


You go from the Institute the audience to the office, where it is necessary to build a career. Be the whole day. On your back once again out of luck – she he is hunched over the endless messages, and now it is unfortunate, the muscles are forced most of the time to hold the spine in an unnatural position. From this arise the muscle blocks (that is, when the stressful muscle voluntarily is no longer relaxes), then and the thing is ready to remind.

Regularly surfacing of the career pool, you remember, about keeping the characters – a few times a week (at best) to do fitness. But at your (seated) way of life such the load on the muscles is just too much. Need more shrink and (more importantly) to relax, to smoothly pump the food to the spine. Without "food" to worsen the intervertebral discs: previously, doctors call this process osteochondrosis, now – a degenerative nerve changes in the spine. Due to the fact that the drives are weak and dwindling, the posture is ready to pounce – in the form in which you sat at the computer.


But life makes its own adjustments, these plans – for example, you are pregnant. And your stomach pulls the lower back forward, and the muscles become such such as high voltage wires. After birth the backbone of the would like to stand on the place and straighten the body, but muscle blocks firmly holding her in krivoy condition. Now your posture resembles the letter S – with a deflection in the lower back (due to pregnancy) and a hump in the infant department (thanks to my computer). The vertebrae of the "bargain" was lying at an angle to each other and intermittently putting pressure on the discs and you, respectively, shall be repealed also unevenly.

45 YEARS old

You're in shock from what you have, a young and striking woman, what happened lumbago in the lower back (seemingly, just picked up the grandson). What is this hell? You can understand that for a visual example. Draw on paper a letter In and turn the sheet about 90 degrees. Imagine that below this angle are the vertebrae in krivoy spine. Among them – the intervertebral disc. On the one hand, it is sandwiched between (and there have already often hurts), and the other – completely free. What does it do? Hitting the road where there is empty and spacious – this is called "protrusion". And the disk doesn't care where he went, can be nerve endings – he pushes on them – you're yelling and require pain medication, the doctor and the justice. You have every right to: it's not the usual pain pain, and almost burning in hell.


Fingers hands that are numb, back pain, feeling of heaviness in the whole body and other delicacies degenerative disc disease have become for you the norm. And you'll only dream about it, to the protrusion even when they grew into a hernia, because the hernia – it's even worse. In this case, the ruptures of the intervertebral disk, from it is derived the inner content, and the nerve endings are starting to face palsy. Weak, but take comfort – even such a nightmare it is still possible to somehow fix this by using massage, exercise, manual and physical therapy. But if part of the gel drained, the hardened, it is already displayed on the surgery of the spine. Then there was swimming.

As you realize that our gloomy prospects it doesn't have to come true. At each step, you can deploy to reverse the process – and the sooner you this will make, the greater the chance of success. We (hope) we will help you to make the first move. Just to warn you, that won't be considered as serious options (the hernia and eject). Such cases require competent medical escort. What we for a start it is necessary to understand how to restore the back, in which, because of accumulated muscle tension in the sum with the faults of posture. Let?

What to do

The main reason for the sore back pain – muscle strain. It would seem, in what is then the problem: it is necessary to relax the muscles, and then give them a tone that is tense and relax, and the body will be enough.

"If he has even a small disturbance of posture, muscle and bone structure are entering into a kind of collusion, – says the orthopedist-traumatologist. And after a week-two heads biography. The inverse relationship works, too. If you violently force your back narovnatXia and carefully watch posture, the muscles activate onslaught and return the spine is in poor condition".

what hurts your back

It sounds sad? In any case. The output is very simple: work on the posture and muscles of the back must have a systematic character. It is necessary to systematically and accurately, acting as a trainer of tigers, the body get used to live relaxed and to stay in the correct position.

Treatment of the symptoms

Millions of people on the planet suffer from pain in the back, and even with her getting used. But you're a masochist? Hurt – it is necessary to get rid of it and fast.

  1. Ointment. "Such procedures, when the muscle pain in my back is completely justified," says the neurologist. – Because our main task – to relax the muscles. And the heat is a good helper". Fix your posture it won't help, but at the moment facilitate of existence.
  2. Massage. "For back pain, in particular, it is recommended to massage the total, on which they are processed throughout the body – believes the founder of the medical procedures. – Because not always is there, where is the problem. Imagine that you're a little broke up a wetsuit and sewed it: the seam breaks the symmetry of the whole costume. With the muscles of the same story: sick can shoulder, and the reason why in the surge of the thigh muscles. Even if the therapist is not able to diagnose, it occurs throughout the body".
  3. Acupuncture. "It is well relieves pain syndrome, as well as cautery, is practiced in the chinese clinics. But the last leaves no good marks on your skin – so I'm on needles", – shares the experience of Alexei Mitrofanov. "Acupuncture, like acupuncture in general, that really works, – says Anna Vladimirov. – Unfortunately, in our latitudes to find a good specialist in this practice, it is harder than a competent doctor. But it is worth it: find it – not you will regret it".

Anchoring achieved

The longer the muscles will be located in the normal state, the greater the chance that the curves of the spine adapts to this standard – and it will try again to drive the muscles in the conditions of overvoltage. So, massage and acupuncture, it is recommended to use the courses at least 10-15 procedures (warming ointments alone, you realize, in a global sense, nothing will change). Plus all of these activities it is necessary to complement physical therapy or other useful activities .

Manual therapist and osteopath

If the massage is total and needle you don't take, it's time to give up more sensitive hands. The main experts on the removal of the back pain and the reason for these efforts – a manual therapists, and osteopaths. These people "see their hands" – they may palpate muscle tension, to find where you "grow", and everything to relax. Plus doctors work with the bone structures (they can adjust the vertebrae and joints), and osteopaths – with the internal organs (govern their work, to stop sending pain signals to the spine, – believe me, and so happens).

"Osteopaths operate gently, without pain and stress, dr. – stiffer," explains Olga. – But you and others insist on the main: one session will not be enough. Retrain accustomed to living in a bent condition of the spine and the muscles must be gradually, systematically and persistently". The course of treatment is, on average, can take from half a year to a year – provided, that visit to the doctor, you once a month-two. Choose the right chiropractor, ask well-known that a well-decorated back.

Physical activity

The best doctors, dieticians, massage therapists can spend hours casting spells over you, removing the pain and stretches the muscles. But without your active steps, their efforts still will fly into the pipe. So than would you do?

  1. Yoga. In our country it is not always taught correctly. The most dangerous instructors – young girls, which, honestly, I don't understand why you have your leg behind your head is not retracted. Good teachers never accept no pain, no excessive noise at their department. Plus, before visiting a yoga class to define with the leadership. For example, from a dynamic ashtanga vinyasa yoga, a man with pains in his back and may die accidentally. "Of all the offered on the market with the ability to better choose the lessons, yoga, – says Olga. – They are designed especially for people with back problems".
  2. Pilates. "This kind of training came to us not so long ago, and the culture of teaching preserved, – says Anna Vladimirov. So pilates – thing safe and effective". What is the most important, before starting the lesson, inform the instructor about your spinal problems, then it will carefully monitor your safety and, if necessary, to give a lightweight variant of the exercise.
  3. Gym. "If mindlessly pump back, it is possible in the truest sense of the word bury is alive, – says Olga. – Honor forum bodybuilder: ripped spin is on the first place in the list of their problems. People with back problems should pick up a set of exercises together with the instructor, who can intelligently combine the power load with the stretching, it has the skill to correct problems with the spine. If a competent coach until it is found, it is better to go it's not a rocker, and on the teaching of physical therapy (in the clinic or in the gym)".
  4. Chi kung. "It is a safe and effective way to promote health back pain – certainly, Olga. – In terms of the safety of such exercises are suitable for everyone. From a position of difficulty can vary the load". Chi kung, as well as pilates, preparing all the problem areas of the back, so it is strictly individual work is not necessary.

Than dangerous, bad posture

The spine is directly associated with all the internal organs. Brain, managing their work, transmit orders through the dorsal. From the last – nerve – impulses are sent to the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and other parts of your inner world. That the spine curve, then this defect for years prevented the passage clear and understandable impulses. As a result, the organs begin to fail – and the older one gets, the more visible. Try to experiment on neighbors: put your diagnosis to a friend (neighbor, grandmother) – argue with a great degree of probability.