Hurts your back, hurts to breathe

The occurrence of sudden pain in the thoracic, cervical and lumbar called pinched nerve. Often such a violation occurs when a small load, but not the correct rotation of the torso, especially if the person performs work in the form of the inclination of the forward and at the same time squeeze the torso to the side (sweeping broom, washing floors without a mop, he hits the laces).

This situation leads to the load on the spine and stretching the muscles of the back, to hold the vertebrae in the salt position. When the vertebrae has shifted out of place and the roots of the cladding passes in the vicinity of the nerve. It causes a pinched nerve and leads to the formation of a strong pain syndrome.

it hurts my back hurts


Regardless of where you are going on a compression of the nerves, we distinguish seizures:

  • islamicise (sacrum, buttocks, posterior surface of lower limbs);
  • plumbosolvency (the shoulders, the buttocks, the back surface of the legs);
  • lombargini (shoulders, back);
  • cervicobrachialgia (neck, upper limb);
  • ceruicis (neck).

The nature of the pain depends on the variety, the compressed nerves. When he pinched a sensitive nerve, then the patient is experiencing unbearable pain, which is the reason for the hospitalization. During compression of the autonomic and motor nerve the pain is not so pronounced. The patient feel numbness of certain parts of the body, the limbs, the violation of their mobility. Therefore, when štípluu nerve, it is necessary to immediately visit a doctor and not carry out the therapy at home by folk remedies. After all, they help to get rid of surface symptoms, i.e. pain and inflammation, but removes the cause of the formation of pinch points of the nerve. Alleviate pain leads to the fact that patients are turning to a specialist at a later period, when the complications emerge in the form of disorders of a limb (paresis), atrophy of the nerves.

Why there is pain

Osteochondrosis is a very common disease that is characterized by destructive changes of the bone and deformation of the vertebrae. When the gaps between them are shrinking, which leads to irritation and štípl. nerves. Osteochondrosis is the main cause of compression of the nerve fibers .

In the case where the temporis back muscles, there is severe pain. In addition, the hypertonus of the muscles negatively affects the condition of blood vessels and impairs blood circulation. This leads to dysfunction of the internal organs, interferes with the functioning of the brain. With prolonged compression of the nerve leads to its necrosis, which leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of individual areas of the body, inflammation and the development of back pain. There are other causes of pain:

back hurts, treatment
  • a sudden change in position of the fuselage (sharp rotation, flexion);
  • thanks to a sharp load on the spine after its relaxation (relaxation, sleep);
  • trauma, caused by any causes;
  • violation of the structure of the spine congenital or acquired;
  • the post-operative period;
  • hormonal failure;
  • infectious factor;
  • hernia and protrusion;
  • spasm of the muscle tissue;
  • the presence of tumors, expresso nerve;
  • obesity.

There are other predisposing reasons for the pinch points of the nerve: pregnancy, scoliosis, genetic factor, offset discs, the long-term physical load. Very often these pains occur in people of an older age. It is connected with age changes of the bone tissue.

Painful is called, and in diseases of the joints. This happens because the inflamed and edematous fabric to squeeze the nerve, irritating it, causing pain when štípluu nerve .

Symptomatology in štípluu nerve

The main symptom of the pinch points of the nerve is severe pain in the back, focused on the road strinxit nerve endings. Painful severely limits the mobility of the patient. Any awkward movement or tension of the muscles of the back when štípluu nerve brings the patient further suffering. The pain is not even in a resting state. So sick it's hard to sit, lie down, and even the state, any physical work is not possible due to strong lumbagoes, emerging when you change the position of the torso.

The spine's physiological curvature, which in this pathology straightens, causing spasm of the surrounding muscles. If you start timely treatment of pinch points of the nerve, it is possible to avoid inflammation and edema of muscle and nerve fibers. For long-term treatment of pinch points of the nerve leads to complications in the form of paresis and paralysis. Therefore, when seizure is necessary to immediately go to the doctor and carry out qualified treatment.

Symptoms of pinch points in the nerve depends on what section of the spine there has been compression of the nerve fibers.

The shoulders

The cause of the pinch points of the nerve in the lumbar region are all of the above reasons plus a inactive lifestyle, as well as a constant high load on this stretch of the spine.

The character of the pain in the idea of lumbagoes. To limit the movement of the patient, do not perform any physical activity. Disturbed the internal organs, especially the digestive system. In patients decreases peristalsis, due to a violation of the innervation of the small intestine and colon. Also, it is difficult for them to perform the act of defecation because of pain syndrome causes muscle spasms of smooth muscles.

Painful spread along the course of sciatic nerve, in fact it is suffering to this kind of štípluu. Patients have reported the loss or, conversely, to increase the sensitivity in the lower back, the hip and the back side of the lower limb. The pain spread from the lumbar to the legs, so that patients with this damage varies claudius on one leg.

Such patients are not active, and are in one, they selected the situation, to avoid provoking the emergence of pain syndrome. Pinched nerve causing a feeling of "fleeing chills skin", numbness of parts of the body. This condition requires immediate medical help to relieve muscle spasm, inflammation and prevents the development of complications.

Department of thoracic

The thoracic spine is solid enough on their own physiological structure, and the hair of the vertebrae, as well as the subsequent pinched nerve is a rare pathology. But if it happens, then the symptomatology is very ambiguous, because in the infant department are going through the nerves, innervating the heart muscle. So the pain in the back is often mistaken for misery. But there is one peculiarity – such pain is not relieved of the cardiac drugs.

back hurts, it hurts on the chest
A characteristic feature of the pain syndrome in the pressure, which ends in the thoracic region it is intercostal neuralgia, the main symptom of which is a tracked character. The patient is hard to breathe and move. Pain as if the compresses the breast and does not move options. The more intense when you inhale, cough and sneezing. Soreness does not apply to an area of the heart under blade, shoulder and arm. Sometimes you feel a slight twitching of the muscles, a sensation of tingling and numbness of the skin sheets.

Soreness when štípluu nerve wear spilled character, which cannot be accurately determined the localization of the lesion. They perceive it as a cordial, because it radiates in the hands, and felt in the heart area. But differs in that it is amplified when driving. Maybe a feeling of discomfort in the epigastric. Then it confuse with the pain in gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of the digestive system.

With prolonged compression of the nerves in the thoracic region of the patient is disturbed heart rhythm, because they suffer from the nerve endings innervating the myocardium. Leads to deterioration of the general condition of the patient, that is an occasion to reversal your doctor.

The cervical department

The neck is the most mobile area of the spine, which accounts for the largest loads. Therefore it is cervical osteochondrosis is the most common pathology, which causes a pinched nerve in this area. Cause them to be ejected, destructive changes, hair of the vertebrae, different types of injuries. Nerve compression may occur with long-term residence of a person in one position. When this case happens swelling of the muscles and squeezing them, nerve. While caught off guard and blood vessels, which leads to the characteristic symptomatology, which is its own only when the problems with the neck department. Due to the disorders in blood circulation suffering from the brain, which leads to the formation of:

  • headaches;
  • dizziness;
  • increased fatigue;
  • disorders of concentration of attention;
  • jumps pressure.

In such a condition of the sick person are the characteristic symptoms, as in patients with hypertension, hypotensives, because blood pressure is not stable and can significantly rise or fall.

The character of the pain in štípluu nerve, sharp, throbbing, growing when you change the position of the head. Ill try to turn your head, that also makes it easier for the state, because the muscles numb and the pain continues. In violation of the occipital nerve observed soreness of the back of the neck and occipital region. The pain rises to the parietal region and touches of whiskey. If štípls nerve endings, innervating the upper limb, are feelings of pain in the shoulder, as well as violations of the bending of the hand, the weakening of muscle tone. Sometimes compression of the nerve endings in the neck leading to dysfunction of organs of the oral cavity, the impossibility of swallowing and speech.

Such pathology should be promptly treated because it is broken innervation of the arteries, which are the breeding ground of the brain. Reduction in blood circulation leads to the development of ischemic stroke, as well drastic increase the tone of blood vessels can lead to bleeding. Therefore, at the first sign of the disease in need of medical assistance.

First aid

Upon the occurrence of a heart attack of severe back pain (lumbago), it is necessary to quickly turn to the clinic. If such options don't, then at home to try to stop a heart attack, caused by the pinched nerve . In the first place it is necessary to limit movement and exercise, lie down on the bed with a hard mattress, or on the floor, putting under themselves several times folded blanket. If the patient takes a sitting, under feet need to put the high chair or any other hill, because only in this position is to achieve maximum relaxation of the muscles of the back. In addition, it is necessary to take:

  • dolor drugs and spazmolitiki
  • anti-inflammatory asteroids;
  • diuretics;
  • anti-allergic drugs.

In the acute period in štípluu nerve can not carry out exercises, massage and heat pain instead of, or take hot baths. This leads to increased blood circulation, the inflow of blood to the affected land, and causes him the swelling, which leads to an increase in pain. After the onset of a heart attack intense pain, the patient necessarily need to seek qualified help and spend the right treatment.

Often ill, the elimination of acute pain, contact the clinic, but is it dangerous consequences, because the pinched nerve is caused by osteochondrosis (most common reason), the shift of the vertebra and without skilled help yourself such a reason is not footing the bill. A heart attack to continue is worth it to the patient to do at any time, is not the right move.
back hurts, diagnosis

Diagnostic studies

When handling at the clinic, the doctor in the first place gather medical history (survey), carry out the examination of the patient and for confirmation of the diagnosis refers to another study, the major of them is MRI. Magnetic resonance imaging gives the possibility to determine the cause of the pinch points. It helps to see the protrusion, or hernia, which became the cause of the pain syndrome, structural changes of the vertebrae. Her conduct on suspicion that the cause of compression of the nerve roots are hernia and eject.

If it is suspected that a bout of pain caused by a shift of the vertebrae, then spend CT. This technique gives an idea about the status of the bone tissue, its degenerative changes, the position of the vertebrae. CT and MRI of informative methods, which give the possibility at a low dose of radiation to give an accurate diagnosis.

If the patient is not able to pass these surveys, they do chest x-rays of the spinal column. This method is the least informative, but gives the opportunity to see the curvature of the spine. Not acting on the soft tissue and does not show the presence of a hernia, also on the slide, you cannot assess the condition of the bone tissue.