Start to hurt your back. As be?

Back pain can be called one of the most common health problems of those with whom they most commonly encountered, modern man. The causes of back pain, how and under treatment, may be a huge amount. The main thing in these situations – establish the correct diagnosis. And if in one case can not do therapeutic gymnastics, exercises, or massage, in the other without pharmacological treatment, and operative intervention can do. In order to not lead to complications and deterioration of the general condition, upon the occurrence of back pain, it is better to immediately consult a specialist and undergo the appropriate examination.

Back pain: causes and symptoms


The causes of back pain may be different:

  • Back blew – expression is well known to every grown man who had to experience the shear constant pain and stiffness in the movements, caused by hypothermia. Bailout compresses and ointments, warm clothes and a scarf, tied around the back do wonders. In particularly complex cases, even require injections.
  • Lumbago, in hoi lumbago. Patient weight spin can also become a cause of sleepless nights. If not stop giving back burden, gnawing, radiating, obtuse and acute bouts of pain, passing in the lower back and a step, will only intensify. Over time, even a simple cough will be a cause of their recovery.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to ensure timely treatment. Drugs against pain and dry warming compresses – this is a temporary solution to the problem. The basic course can only be prescribed by a specialist.
  • Constant aching pain and numbness of the zone of the lower part of the back – these are the signs of intervertebral hernia. While man is hard to bend, stretch, move limbs. To mitigate the attack, you can take painkillers, after that it is necessary to go to the doctor.
  • Osteochondrosis – beach XXI century, and, knowing this, you must run the illness, and in time to turn to specialized institutions, where it is provided by the complex treatment, which includes physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercise, and manual therapy.

These are just a few of the main reasons that is able to cause back pain. They should never be secrete and problems with posture, which leads to an incorrect distribution of the load on your back and causes pain in the back.


In any case, it's never worth it to do hasty conclusions and to establish the diagnosis on the basis of known words, which have experienced such pain. The staging of the diagnosis should do expert.