Why hurt the shoulder on the right side?

Pain in the lower back on the right side – the most common symptom bother in many different cases. A scattering of the reasons for pain syndrome on the right side of the lower part of the back – from the ordinary fatigue to a serious disruption of the functions of the internal organs. But in most cases it is due to the fact that damage to the intervertebral disc. To find out the cause of the painful bouts of back pain in the lumbar and recommend adequate methods and therapy is the only capable doctor.

back hurts on the right side

Why it hurts on the right side

Osteochondrosis of the intervertebral discs of the lumbar – most common reason. Short bouts of pain in the lower back may start after strong movements, cough, sneeze and laugh. In these moments can manifest lumbago back (as it is called, lumbago). In such a condition, one for a moment loses the ability to move from the pain. Seizures in this situation often start ad radiatis in the area of the thighs and buttocks, with different strength.

Spondylosis always causes sharp pain in the lower back on the right side, if the patient leans, lies on the left side of the body, long before the change position, in which it is located. Often the pain of rebirth into a temporary limp because of the loss of sensitivity in the lower extremities. This symptom may go away as suddenly as he came.

Traumatic impact on his back in the lumbar to the right in the back can cause back pain, for example, if a person fell. Usually these symptoms are manifested immediately after the deformation of the flow exposure. A variety of neoplasms, inflammations, purulent clumps and necrosis also may cause attacks of pain, localized in this department of the ridge.

Pain in the right part of the bottom

Here localized painful as after the injury, due to the development of various tumors. Another common cause of that is it hurts your back, on the right hand side, it becomes hard physical labor, a sudden movement. As we see, the dispersion of the sources of pain on the right side in the lower part of the back is quite big, therefore we recommend that you visit a doctor, and not to get too carried away the self-heal. After all, the root of the problem can be not only in pathologies of the spine, but also in the disorders of the functioning of the internal organs.

In the female sex, pain in the lower back on the right hand side can talk about inflammation of the gynecological system. Sometimes they appear during the menopause, in cancer of the uterus, extrauterine development of the embryo. Normally, the ongoing pregnancy also sometimes causes painful sensations on the bottom right, from behind. For example, pain in the sacrum on the right occurs if the fetus is located closer to the back wall of the uterus. Discomfort in the lower back in men on the bottom right also show the pathology and inflammation of the male organs.

Pain in the right upper part of the

If the pain is localized on the right side of the spine, can be a problem be a violation of the functioning of the internal organs. Get sick can how the organs of the digestive and genitourinary system. Other reasons what hurts, on the right side of the lower back, often find themselves sciatica, kidney stones, inflammation of the gallbladder.

Severe pain in the back on the right side often causes inflammation of the cecum, terminal nerve, inflammation of the pancreas. Pain in lower back right in the back can talk about the fact that the diseased kidney.

When this clinical picture may vary considerably, and do not have related characteristics. So, if the patient vomits and enough, the problem is rather in the digestive system, and if troubled with the hotness, of course it is present inflammation. An accurate diagnosis of the pain in the lumbar region always can give only an expert.

Character lumbar pain

back hurts on the right side of the reasons

Chronic pain in right side of lower back is most often talking about the fact that there are pathological processes in the area of the spine or disease of the internal organs. If the back hurts in the lumbar to the right, most likely, their root in excessive physical tension, fatigue and sudden movements. Such attacks of pain may win the analgesics. If you don't want to abuse drugs, it is possible, and just relax, relax tense muscles.

Aching pain syndrome in the lumbar talks about the dire formation in the spine. Put such a diagnosis can, however, only a medical professional. The root of the problem may be hiding in the usual osteochondrosis.

Intense discomfort often manifests itself after a traumatic influences, so after bumps and falls, it is necessary to quickly turn to trauma center after. Stretches the back pain arises due to hepatitis. Although painful, this type takes over shortly, maybe as soon as possible contact a physician.

Treatment of back pain

Limited mobility of the back on the right side, the deterioration of sensitivity and pain in the lower back on the right side of the significantly reduced quality of life. In addition, negative changes in the intervertebral discs in the lumbar and deterioration in the work of the organs of the digestive and urinary systems have the property only progress with time. Therefore, to proceed with the survey, if the pain lower back, you cannot.

In the running form of any source of dolore the excitement will be even harder to treat.

In addition, the health workers help you fight and with symptomatology the appointment of the right painkillers and their dosage. It is better that it was cheap, because otherwise you can bring harm to the digestive system. When this very strong seizures can be caused by a completely negligible deformation of the cartilage tissue of the spine. And it is a much better medical resources, which burden the digestive system, help you peace of mind and avoidance of stressful situations.

If it turns out that the source of pain in the lower back on the right side is hidden in the degenerative-dystrophic processes and acute period of the disease is over, the patient is usually named an easy motor activity. Including the exercise movement therapy (first under the supervision of an instructor), swimming in the pool, regular walks on foot. Help to massage and physiotherapy.

How to relieve pain in the lower back in case of problems with the intervertebral disc and trapped nerves, give you a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The situation is even worse, if there is impaired function of the organs of the digestive or reproductive system. Treat the need no no symptoms, but the disease itself.