Back hurts: to what doctors to ask for help

If the back hurts, sometimes not everyone knows what doctors to go to. Connected it with the fact that your back may hurt due to various reasons: neurological, orthopedic, manual-therapeutic. So, what the same doctor to turn to when your back hurt. In this try to understand this article.

back pain

What is worth paying attention to

The pain in the spine every man older than 30 years at least once in your life, but did not complain. But not every person at the slightest discomfort, appeals to the doctor. In the meantime should not ignore the advice of a doctor, if the back hurts, is not episodic and regularly.

What is worth paying attention to and vigilant:

  1. Spine hurts at the end of the working day, even when the load was small.
  2. The symptoms are accompanied by a shot in the different parts of the spine: the cervical spine, chest, back.
  3. The pain gives to the different parts of the body: blade, arm, leg, rib cage.
  4. If the temperature increases, numb hands and feet.
  5. My back hurt for several days, months, consecutive weeks.
  6. Along with the backbone of the hurts and the internal organs, although it is a pain in the back, the acute and in the bodies of dull, claustrophobic.
  7. Spine hurts after a fall, failed a rotation or revoked earlier disease.

The character of the pain in the back

To what the doctors have to go, if the exhaust discomfort in the back, is defined, therefore, in what department it hurts the spine, what the character of the pain, gives away, whether in other parts of the body pain. Discomfort in the spine may not only be due to disease of the spine, but also kidney disease, heart, cancer tumors of the lungs and bronchi.

Rotation can bother in a variety of conditions, for example:

  • At the turn of the head there is pain in the thoracic region, can put on the heart, capture my breath.
  • At the turn of the head or prolonged stay in one position, when the slopes of the head pain appears in your neck, this syndrome may be accompanied by dizziness, darkening in the eyes, noise in the ears.
  • During the lifting of the hands during the rotation of the torso, the head, the slopes may appear pain in the chest that happens as the individual, and is accompanied by other symptoms.
  • When the slopes of the hull in turns and when the next currency manipulation may occur pain in the lower back and tailbone, sometimes the syndrome can put in the legs, buttocks.
  • Also the spine can accuse unpleasant feelings in area of the blades or between them.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to, what kind of pain arises, how and when it manifests itself:

  1. Acute.
  2. Darkly.
  3. Nagging.
  4. With the shot, or not.
  5. Enhanced by it, whether it is, under certain conditions, or not.
  6. Attached, whether it has other symptoms.
  7. Smacks of in other parts of the body, or not.

What the experts dealing with back problems?

Depending on the cause of the pain of this problem you are dealing with many experts.

  • Neurologist and neurologist – doctors who are dealing with back problems, if the cause shall have become disorders of the reflexes, or some neurological pathology. Survey tools in such cases, there are special needles, hammers.
  • Backbone — a doctor who deals with such pains in the back, whose cause became degenerative disc disease and other diseases of the spinal column. Treatment with this doctor is going after a survey using methods such as ULTRASOUND, radiography, MRI, CTG.
  • Therapist – a specialist, dealing with unpleasant feelings in area of the spine, the causes of which have become not the degenerative processes in the tissues and vertebrae and the inflammatory process, and the diseases in which the response is stiffness and pain in the spine. In this case, the doctor surveys the patient and eliminates (or confirms) diseases, the mean incidence of back pain: the heart, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, lungs and bronchi. Disease reveal using laboratory examination of urine, blood, sputum, carry out ECG, ULTRASOUND and more. If the disease is confirmed, then the therapist determines which doctor the patient it is necessary to turn: cardiologist, gastroenterologist, urologist, nephrologist.
  • Traumatologist deals with issues of the spine when injuries (bruises, fractures, sprains, offset). Headaches in the back prevents mechanical damage received by the patient.
  • Manual therapist deals with the spine, if the causes of pain have become various disorders of posture: scoliosis, kyphosis.
the spine

Tips ravaged back pain

Above have been listed experts, dealing with back pain, however, the list may be incomplete, because the reasons why some of the head is not until the end of studied up to now, but the problem may be restricted only by conservative methods of treatment. If methods without operative intervention have proven to be powerless, then in the process of treatment connect surgeons, who solves the problem of operating methods.

Our website can advise our readers with the following:

  • Do not engage the self-heal, it is better to first visit the doctor before to start the disease and to tighten the thing up on the operating table.
  • Try to determine what exactly from the beginning a bother to spin, before it was due, remember which drugs to take and help are already.
  • Do not ignore accompanying symptoms (increased body temperature, pain in the heart, fever, wheezing in the chest, tachycardia and arrhythmias, shortness of breath, etc.).
  • Tell your doctor about delegated previously diseases existing chronic disease and other essential for the treatment of the facts (pregnancy, lactation, intake of any medications, allergies).
  • Start to solve the problem with a hike to the nearest doctor, after a detailed survey, he will redirect you to the right specialist.

In this way, and wondered which doctor to go if it is bothering your back, please contact primarily to the general practitioner, which will help to eliminate any disease and will lead to the desired expert, who will be removing the problem.