Pain in the back, pain in the lower back, causes, back pain treatment

The pharmacological industry for the past 100 years created a huge number of products that really help people to endure the pain and facilitate their life. It's a huge thanks to scientists and researchers.

The causes of back pain

pain in the lower back

With the fact that somewhere in the body pain man was familiar always. After all, it is the universal defender of our body. The pain of standing on guard the basic living functions of the organism. The main task of any biological object - this is a reproduction of their own kind and protection from threats external and internal. Right protection - and that is the feeling of pain gives its basic function. And if yes, it means that it is not always bad.

I will give one example, shook me to the core. On the one hand, shows the inability of some physicians, and on the other, the frivolity of some patients. And the price of these errors is too large it hurts.

At the beginning of 2012 after one of the central channels showed a glaring case. This led to the amputation of both feet at the person with type 2 diabetes. A man 65 years of age, turned for help to one of the wellness center. His tormented by unpleasant sensations in the knee joints and back pain. As one of the reasons - should 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertensive disease. Took the pain medication and the means to reduce the pressure.

Diabetes is one complication. Very insidious, and hard. When damage to the blood vessels of the lower extremities, increased levels of glucose in the blood strongly to suffer and peripheral nerves die off nerve endings. In other words - on the legs in men, there was virtually no sensitivity.

In the center, where it turned, a specialist in "medicine" (no desire to call the doctor), limiting itself to a superficial examination of the patient, decided to help him. And "helped" in quotation marks. A little later to talk about it more. In the meantime, let's understand for yourself the mechanism of this phenomenon, such as pain.

Pain - this is the ultimate product of the work of our brain. The brain analyzes the state of man and in critical pathologies gives a warning signal. Of course, there are variations in the feelings. The most commonly - something hurts. In any case - it is the discomfort and the desire to get rid of her. Always painful mental images. One from the pain can also lose consciousness. Others even with divorced hands or feet, he can move on to do something.

There is a whole science under the title of anesthesiology, which examines such phenomena as pain, its causes. She is looking for ways to overcome the pain and offers ways to reduce it. Again, I stress that no matter the pain gives to a back or pain in the lower back,above, below, left, back, stomach, my shoulder... Reason - it is always a product of the functioning of our brain.

Pain in the back, what to do

back pain

What to do if there is severe pain in the back? How to remove severe pain known a long time ago - use of drugs. They do in terms of the pharmacology of the simple things. Just block in the nerve cells of the brain receptors that send signals every time the pulses of pain. These receptors process the signals of problems, reaching a certain section of the body. After all, not for nothing, under the influence of drugs during the operation can be done very serious interference. And her feelings will be. But what is the use of drugs? Because they can develop a very harmful disease - drug dependence. Very terrible condition.

In any case, severe pain in the back - it is on the ground, fallen emotional state. For men, women and children. The body has its ways to alleviate the pain. As soon as they appear unpleasant phenomena instantly turns on a mechanism of self-regulation. The man immediately clean up your hand from the hot irons, if the pain in the abdomen - it disappears appetite, and if in the back - the person begins less move. And all with the aim of reducing suffering. If a painful reaction obese - it is possible to lose consciousness. It is also a protective mechanism. Unfortunately, the regulatory mechanisms are not always perfect. Strong pain at the injury with a consequent decrease in pressure can lead to death.

In medicine, this phenomenon is called traumatic shock. And treatment has already. By the way, just for this reason, in the medical first aid kits for soldiers most of the armies of the world have drugs. The drug, in time specified, reduces the harmful effect of this phenomenon and to save man from death

Our body is on a powerful computer network, equipped with thousands of sensors that are scattered throughout the body, which immediately react to those or other changes in the functioning of the organism. Trauma, inflammation, destruction of something - it's a pain

Analgesic action and the whole medical advice often comes to understand the causes of the pain, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, restore blood flow, restore the work of the body. All the ideas about the pain for a better understanding it is possible to divide into several parts. This is the central method of his removal using various drugs that affect the receptors and peripheral techniques. The latter include all the local medical practices, to improve the course of physiological processes in the body. Peripheral pain is well removes conduction anesthesia. With her nearly all familiar. Most of the modern interventions on the teeth dentists perform under this type of anesthesia.

The so-called "stab in the back", which is used in surgery, allows you to make serious interventions on the lower limbs.

In one word, progress is very much. But the removal of a painful syndrome it is not a treatment. The cause of the pain is not thereby excluded.

Let's go back to the beginning of this article. The person with diabetes had a reduced sensitivity to the lower extremities. His peripheral nerves have lost their function. Woe to the specialist asked him to stand on the mat with tourmaline with the heating and left it on for 20 minutes without supervision.

All would be nothing. After all, by itself, tourmaline is a very effective means for normalizing the energy system of the person. The man obediently 20 minutes standing on the mat. It was already the temperature is high, then it is something else. Because he didn't have any discomfort. The result - burns feet 1-2 degrees. Redness, blisters. And what is the most important. In diabetes a very low immunity. . Appeared gangrene. And her treatment - it is only amputation to save a human life. And it is sad that there was a question about the amputation of both legs above the knee. Here's how it happens when painful feelings not. It is simply felt, and a specialist in "medicine" is not ignored his sugar diabetes.

Pain in the lower back

treatment of back pain

Let's go back to pain, especially back pain. It is not important where more manifested. In the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. The possibilities and combinations can be different. Let's look closely at when the pain in the lower back or whole back.

Most often, people begin to bother a dull, painful feeling, that in this or another department, and in particular - pain in the lower back. What causes it? If we look at the intervertebral disc - in it no nerve endings. If we look at the vertebrae, only the periosteum contains nerve endings. And at the beginning of the process in the back - are not affected. So what is the cause of painful impulses? The cause of pain in the spine, Worsening the functioning of the two adjacent vertebrae when a sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact, that of uniting to each other. And at this moment, the small intervertebral joints can be really strongly affected. Because it is between them the distance of very little. Look carefully at the picture.

Joints so significantly closer to each other, they gradually crumble. In them reduces the amount of moisture - is arthritis or osteoarthritis. The body, in order to somehow reduce the destruction of these joints at any time with the help of muscle spasms, off from work two adjacent vertebrae. Simply put - it's their blocks, to the joints rebounded. If the host body listens to these first signals of pain and begins to behave correctly, it is the right move, the more stretch, rationally eat, then recovering. By the way, remember what makes each cat or dog, when he gets up - what do they do. For us, it's a beneficial effect forgotten. If nothing, then the muscles cannot long be in tense condition, and sooner or later back pain can be so strong that it forces the owner of this body to do with myself. Many simply hooked to the anesthetic. But what to do, because with time comes the destruction of the intervertebral disc and as a consequence appears to her majesty "HERNIA". And here many are ready for everything. The man is very bad. A sharp lumbago down, right, left back doesn't move. Back hurts - every movement brings strong discomfort. A person really wants to help and needs her. And here it is sometimes hard to do without a scalpel.

Treatment of back pain

Treatment of pain in the back has the task of:

  1. To remove or reduce the pain down, to the right or to the left of the back;
  2. Ensure the elimination of the causes;
  3. To strengthen the help special exercises the muscular corset around the spine. To restore normal blood flow and good nutrition of the bones and cartilage of the vertebrae. .

The principal analgesic actions are first and foremost peace, lying position with positive upper part of the body. Sometimes drugs may be used.

Back pain treatment is best carried out through the traction of the spine of the batch schema load. In the subsequent very important after at least 2-3 months to perform the exercises on the system simulator NT-01 for the strengthening of the muscle corset. This is one of the most important conditions for a really effective treatment for long, long years.

And, of course, normalize the functioning of all vital organs. It is necessary to adjust the work of the intestines, cleanses the body, nourish his liquid.

So, that analyzes the characteristics of the pain in the back, it is possible to say that with the greatest good as the signal sent to us from the brain, than is the punishment.

THINK, STOP, RETHINK your views on life. After all, a back spasm can be a response to uncertainty in itself. A very strange fact. Correct posture is with women always causes a feeling of admiration. Cost for men is initially implied the beauty of nature. Straight your posture, strengthen the muscle corset, you can not only get rid of the soreness of the back, but you can also in every situation, be confident in yourself. You will become the man forces to achieve what we actually live. Our spine is the foundation of good health.

Care about her - about the first priority of each of us. Don't forget about it. And anything else that. Our children usually spend hours sitting in front of screens of tvs and monitors of computers. As a result, posture is these desires better. Poor posture painful sensations does not, and that with time in the age of 18-20 years old begin to complain about the sore back. And occurs at the them, the era of degenerative disc disease. We, as parents should do everything possible to make our children healthy and happy.