Hurts the underbelly and loins

If it hurts the shoulders and underbelly, enough to realize what is most important – the painful is very important for the understanding of the problem, its another solution. The pain is always the brand is a life-threatening disease.

Therefore, our organism responds. Off, it cannot be. It is necessary to listen to your body. He tries to be a signal of health problems.

A person just contact your doctor in order to detect and treat the pathology.

Pain in the lower abdomen, lower back are the causes of gynecological, urological spectrum and common for men and women. Let's start with the common resources.

Pain in the back

Common resources

Causes of pain in the lower back and lower abdomen several: intestinal and inflammatory diseases, diseases of the lower spinal department.


It's a keen threat inflammation with pain on the bottom right, sometimes gives in the stomach area and the center of the abdomen.

The pain is usually aching, left and right, with other symptoms – increased temperature of the body, vomiting, problems with urination and defecation, general weakness, apathy.

The answer to the question "How and why pain in the abdomen and gives it back to you?" is connected with the fact, as is Appendix inside the abdominal cavity.

He can go on completely bottom of the small pelvis, to settle near the liver. Also he may be not typical – go for the intestine, then appear to pull the, light pain in the lower back will be varied symptomatology.

When acute produces that flow can occur injection and peritonitis. Abdominal pain should immediately raise concerns about your health. Without surgery can not do.

Intestinal infection

In intestinal infections, agents which are harmful bacteria, arise gnawing pain in the lower back and abdomen. Do not have a clear localization.

Them an armed conflict accompanied by other symptoms: reduced appetite, appear malaise, loose stools, stools with blood and dirt. Here you need the help of physician-infectious disease.

As usual, in addition to the purely medical treatment necessary for compliance with a special diet of soft action. In complicated cases, wash the stomach.

Normalize the water-salt environment applies the following means:

  • special mortar;
  • excessive drinking;
  • medication against diarrhea;
  • chelators;
  • restore intestinal flora resources and better compound;
  • prebiotics for the multiplication of beneficial microorganisms.
Pain in the abdomen

Weak muscles

The source of pain in the lower back becomes a big belly. The muscles of the back area of the body and the abdominal muscles are the antagonists. When tense back muscles, loose front.

In many women, men large, loose, protruding belly. What is it about? Usually speaks in this case of obesity.

But the fact is that fat has one characteristic: it is stored where there is available slack muscles. In the case that the muscles should not be relaxed, and then the fat on the front part of the abdomen is not postponed, I would.

Why release the abdominal muscles? Because tensing the muscles in the back due to disorders in the lumbar spine.

If in this case he advises to strengthen the dorsal muscles, it is absolutely wrong. The lumbar department took on huge claims.

The dorsal muscles, and so are limited, tied, there is a muscular imbalance. Instead, it is necessary to relax.

For this it is necessary to strengthen the function of their antagonists – the muscles of the abdominal, anterior abdominal wall.

And then started another myth that you need these muscles to train by lifting the foot. In fact, it is the easiest way.

You must try to monitor the condition of your abdomen, constantly be pulled – do the isometric tension of the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Then a reflective to relax the muscles in the lumbar spine and thinning of the feelings of pain in the lower back.

So, if you follow the shape of your abdomen, constant its voltage to adapt, to be drawn into your belly, it will improve the function of the lower spine.

Diseases of the spine

Spin – an important part of the body, which requires a special relationship. It can be severe pain, dangerous for the whole organism. According to statistics, from back pain suffer more than 50% of adults of working people in the world.

The medicine of them is subject to only 10%. When this back pain, especially in the lower part, – a dangerous symptom. Diseases of the spine quickly affect other internal organs, the muscles in the disease process.

Feelings of pain in the lumbar familiar very much. It comes back pain, which are pulls, have a specific cause of the disease.

You need to find out why it hurts loin, which body is hit by this disease.

What are the associated back pain? Pain pain – a telltale symptom. It's hard to find a person which is had a would the shoulders at least once in your life.

The most common reason – developing degenerative disc disease, with all the ensuing consequences, up to tears of the disc, hernia.

Lumbar pain demands to itself the respectful relation. It is very important, not only to stop the very pain, but the main thing – to remove the causes of which lie in its basis.

For the removal of stretches of pain apply the following methods:

  • methods eastern therapies – acupuncture, massages, rubbing ointments, acupressure;
  • the method of myofascial massage. It is similar to chinese medicine, it operates in the connection-woven patterns, which are responsible for the process of maintaining the spine.
  • the method of hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches).

Data methods allow you to loosen the tight, clinging muscles, eliminate spasms and control of pain syndrome, to improve blood circulation.



Kidney pain in pyelonephritis caused by stretching of the capsule of the kidney. It will be a constant, radiates down not only in the lower back, but also in the course of the ureter.

Will be soreness when urinating, the urine may become turbid, foamy due to the occurrence of protein or the color of meat slops because through the kidney membrane penetrate red blood cells.


Back pain can be symptoms of a variety of tumors. At oncological diseases of the abdominal pain whining character, gives the largest descent – the lower back.

The pain spreads to other organs of the abdominal cavity, the spine. From there it hurts the shoulders, the lower part of the abdomen.

Gynecological problems

If the pain in the lower abdomen, then at the girls, women, it is likely that the pathology of of small pelvis – the uterus, the appendages, ovaries, tubes. It is necessary to look for the problem there.

If the pain subsided with acute to blunt, it means that the inflammatory process moved from the acute phase to the so-called spilled inflammation.

For example, acute pain arises at the time of the cysts.

Urological problems of men

Compared with a woman, men are not so often produces a similar range of painful feelings.

Usually, when it comes to lumbar pain, which stretches, smacks of a step, the man proves her overload at work or while lifting weights.

However, all is not so harmless. Pain doesn't have more serious causes that require medical intervention.

Treats are usually at the same time with antibiotics and drugs based on herbs.

One more ingenious men of the disease cause some bacteria gonococcus, chlamydia, enterobacteria.

This disease can also occur as a result of the injury.

All diseases require quick action, because the consequences can be disastrous, which doom the painful, sometimes flawed existence. To avoid that will help the only treatment for expert.