Very strongly hurts your back

The intensity of painful feelings, as well as their duration may indicate the development of serious diseases that require immediate identification and urgent treatment.

If pain lower back pain in the lumbar, then it indicates the presence of acute, chronic, primary and secondary disease. Such pain may be localized to the left in the back, put on the lower abdomen, left foot, buttocks.

very sore back
Complaints of soreness of the lumbar originate from the girls before or after menstruation, during pregnancy, after childbirth, when inflammation of the bladder, after a workout. The precise definition of the nature or intensity of pain in combination with the results of the drive analysis and survey of the doctor can give you credible determine which of the internal organs indicates a pathological condition.

Hurts the shoulders and underbelly

Depending on the cause of the pain can be obtuse, burning, aching, acute and spread over the entire lower back pain or localized to one place. If a woman complains that it hurts in addition to the whole lower back and under the belly, then it is necessary to consult at first to the gynecologist, nephrologist, and then the surgeon. After the performed analyses and the completion of an ULTRASOUND doctors can diagnose:

Pain in the back — it is just a symptom. Acute pain in the lower back, coupled with the violation of the working lumbar vertebrae and discs, the so-called lumbago. Why it hurts your back at the bottom, everyone should know. Issue the following causes the occurrence of this symptom:

If there is pain over the back on the sides, it is quite possible that this is a disease of the liver – liver failure, hepatitis, the consequences of ingestion of toxic drugs, because that hurts the liver. As usual, in such a case, the back hurts, the right side, higher waist – in the hypochondrium.

From what hurts on the right and the left side just above the waist? It is likely that in such a case, the develop acute kidney disease. Often in polycystic, pyelonephritis chronic form, tumors of the kidney, are labeled poorly expressed symptoms.

Because of the stretching of the kidney capsule is happening gradually. How to find out that it hurts — the kidneys, or the loins? The exact answer to this question is possible only after performing a full diagnosis.

Other reasons

What do you do when your back hurts? Of course, turn to the doctor. Treatment back pain deal with neurologists, orthopedists, Generalis médicos view, manual doctors. They find out the real cause of the disorder, establish the course of treatment. The cause of the pain may be:

Neoplasms — osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis and the like;- swelling, a place of localization which are the vertebrae;- injury;- infectious disease;- stroke.

The most common reasons why it is strongly hurts your back, there are loads. It may be incorrect lifting weights, strained muscles or ligaments, a sharp movement, muscle cramps.

Few patients know that the roast is one of the most psychosomatic parts of the body, in relation to what, it is very sensitive to strong stress and excitement.

Anger, anger, irritability, or strong fear contribute to the release into the blood circulation large dose of adrenaline. As a result – increase tone of the muscles of the back.

And in that case, if a sufficient discharge, the muscles that have increased tone, begin to gradually gripped. And then – cramps and pain syndrome.

very sore back, treatment
It should be noted that vertebrates disorders very often develop in people with an unstable psyche, and for these patients, psychotherapy is the best method of treatment.

During pregnancy, every woman has to face lumbar pain, which the maximum increase in the third trimester. The availability of a moderate degree of pain is considered a normal process, but if a woman feels strong discomfort, then it is possible the risk of severe disease. The main reasons for lumbar pain during pregnancy are:

People characterize the painful back different definitions. In the back can numb the pain, burning, badly hurt, stabbing, whining and more.

It happens that a person can't bend or stretch. An experienced doctor in some cases solely according to the description I could, in theory, to determine what exactly causes the discomfort in the back.

Discomfort in the lumbar are caused by the large amount of pathological changes in the body.

  • If strongly hurts your back in the lower back, but the pain still spread to the buttocks and legs, then it can be caused by stretching of the muscles. This process is accompanied by soreness when moving.
  • In the initial phase, degenerative disc disease, or osteoarthritis is characterized by the fact that her symptoms clearly expressed. Painful reactions occur only when significant changes in the intervertebral discs, which leads to interference of the nerve in the lower back. The disease is caused by a limitation of physical activity, and a strong pain in the lower back, which becomes less marked in the recumbent position. A person is constantly experiencing fatigue, pain more or less reasonable during sleep and significantly increases during physical exertion.
  • The feeling of pain in the lower back for women, as well as the lower part of the abdomen tends to be associated with gynecological diseases.

In general, pain in the lower back – the phenomenon is an ambiguous character and place of localization can also vary. In any case, such pain cannot be left unnoticed, there is no need to rely only on a home first aid kit.

Accurate and comprehensive diagnosis performed only by the attending physician, he will appoint the necessary treatment.

In general, all causes of pain in the lumbar divided into primary and secondary. So, consider their details.

The primary

very back hurts, causes of

Such a painful it is not that other, as a pathological process, which involves changes in skeletal-muscle fibers. In practice occurs much more frequently. Under him understand one of the following degenerative-dystrophic processes:

  • Osteochondrosis: observed dystrophic changes in bone and cartilage tissue. Often the process affects the intervertebral disc and adjacent vertebrae. Maybe the availability of spondylosis;
  • Spondiloartrozom. Scares synovial and(or) betweenobratlovci (facies) joints, which are in standard are responsible for the mobility of the spinal column.



Symptoms of a hernia

If troubled by back pain, the causes may be in the intervertebral hernia. It is a very common disease. At her core disk of the vertebra is displaced. Often on the background of this happening is the difference of the fibrous rings. Prevalence is 150 cases per 100 thousand people. Issued the following possible causes of hernia:

  • injuries (bruises, fall);
  • osteochondrosis of the lumbar-sacral department;
  • overweight;
  • the curvature of the spinal column;
  • the sharp turns.

In the risk group includes drivers and administrative staff who work at the computer. Pain when the hernia has the following features:

  • is a local;
  • it often gives to the thigh, buttocks and lower limbs;
  • in combination with other symptoms (numbness, tingling);
  • is amplified during physical exertion.

The severity of the pain syndrome is defined by the value of a hernia. If is large, then it can develop nerve. It is manifested by sciatica. Is it a strong pain in the form of lumbagoes.

In the majority of patients hernia develops pain according to the type of lumbago. The other symptoms of a hernia include a reduction of potency, limitation of motion of the lower back, weakness in the legs. Sometimes it is disturbed by urination.

Symptoms in ankylosing spondylitis

If it hurts your back, in the sacral area and lower back after a longer period of time, it can be suspected the disease ankylosing Spondylitis.


From the pharmacological treatment acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-antiinflammatory drugs are the drugs of first line for pain in the lumbar.

In addition, NSAIDS also suppress the inflammatory process, however, all of these drugs should be used only as they are prescribed by a doctor, because self-treatment can be quite unpleasant side effects in some patients, taking the risk of their occurrence increases during use after a longer period of time.

More common side effects include:

  • Education hematomas.
  • The internal bleeding.
  • Disorder physiology of the gastric mucosa, which can lead to gastritis and ulcer.
  • Pathology of the kidneys and liver and so on.
Medications from a group is a muscle relaxant, it acts soothingly on the central nervous system and may be useful to improve sleep and reduce emotional and muscle tension in conditions of severe pain. These drugs must be taken under the guidance of the attending physician and cannot be purchased without a prescription.

Painkillers the main act for pain in the back is prescribed in extremely rare cases, only when other medications are not effective.

When strong back pain often prescribe physical therapy methods, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, stretching, mobilisation and massage. Similar tricks are able to provide temporary relief, but not proven, that only with their help you can rely on a complete renovation. Be healthy!

Treatment of spinal headache – it is always a complex event, which includes the following methods:

  • the intake of painkillers funds, the suppression of inflammatory processes;
  • physiotherapy, manual therapy;
  • massage, therapeutic exercise;
  • ensure healthy conditions of work and rest;
  • diet aimed at weight reduction and obtain the necessary nutrients to maintain elasticity of muscles, ligaments, cartilage.
In some acute cases may require surgery.

Prevention of back pain

For the prevention of back pain it is necessary to hold under the control of a variety of factors. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure a comfortable place for sleeping and work.

Modern treatment of back pain is already long gone from the simple removal of unpleasant feelings. Important to consider the manifestations and their causes.

An example of such an integrated approach can serve as a supplement to the NSA neurotropic vitamins (B1, B6, B12) b Vitamins help to not only remove painful faster, than when using only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (e.g. sodium diclofenac), but also act favorably on the physiological processes in the nervous fiber content, stimulate the nutrition and restoration of the structure of the nervous tissue.

So, the optimal supplement will serve as a drug injection, which includes three of vitamin B1, B6, B12 in therapeutic dosage.

The use of neurotropic vitamins in high therapeutic doses, allows you to attach an analgesic effect, helps to rebuild nerve fibres, which makes it possible to achieve long-term remission of pain syndrome.

To start the treatment of the drug with a daily injection over 5-10 days, then move on to a supportive introduction, after 2-3 injections a week for two-three weeks.

If a patient complains that it hurts the whole area of the lower back, and there is no possibility urgently to see a doctor, then you need at home to carry out the treatment. Please note that the independent designation of the medication may negatively affect your health.

Intake of tablets should always take place under the strict supervision of a doctor. For facilitation of lumbar discomfort, is recommended to be done in the following ways:

In home conditions you can try to alleviate the feelings of back pain in different ways.

The use of creams, ointments, gels

Remedies in these forms to help in the implementation of the treatment of acute pain in the back and lower back. As usual, you can use it on your own, without resorting to whose kind help. There are several types of similar drugs.

  • The Anti-inflammatory. These include medications that soothe the irritation (peppermint, lavender) and pain medications – Nurofen, ibuprofen, diclofenac.
  • Irritating. The location of the pain is created by blood flow, which reduces the intensity of painful feelings.

Announce the formation of painful sensations in the back, it is possible that exercising the following tips.

  • Move more. Choose for yourself the best choice of the physical activity and regularly to exercise. It can be: swimming, yoga, gymnastics, hiking, etc.
  • Avoid a set of excess weight – eat properly.
  • Attention to posture.
  • If you have a sedentary work – breaks after some time, stand up, stretch, relax your back.
  • If you have flat feet – wearing orthotic insoles.
  • Use a corset or bandage to maintain the correct posture.

Whatever the cause of pain in the lumbar, only a doctor will be able to put the correct diagnosis, advise you what to do, it will be appropriate it the right treatment.

It is advisable to have the bed. The optimal variant of the mattress 3 degree of rigidity. According to the shape of the pillow should be very large, it may be slightly tight, it should lie or under the head and neck, or severely below the neck. Very good choice, narrow pillow, or even a solid cylinder.