Why it hurts the shoulders and how to get rid of pain in the lower back?

Lower back pain as a piece of the back from the bottom of the chest to the coccyx. Pain in the lower back pain occurs very often. According to statistics, from time to time of pain in the lumbar experience about 90% of people. Sometimes the cause of the pain is strain – for example, after too intensive exercise or after a long stay in an uncomfortable position. But in some cases it indicates serious disorders in the body.

On the lower part of the back seems a very big load. In the supine position the intervertebral discs are under the pressure of 50 kg, in the standing position — 100 kg, in sitting position, with the boner back without support — 150 kg, and if a person sits and slouches — 220 units Intervertebral discs in this area are particularly vulnerable and wear out faster than in other parts of the spine. So when any discomfort in the lower back it is necessary to immediately seek the advice of a doctor to prevent other serious problems with the spine.

pain in the lower back

The most common causes of pain in the lower back

If you have pain in the shoulders, it doesn't mean that the reason lies in the spine. Pain in the lower back can be due to diseases of the internal organs, especially the digestive tract. Sometimes the pain can be felt in diseases of the kidneys and of the genital organs, in many women shoulder the pain during menstruation.

However, the most common reason for back pain – a variety of diseases and injuries of the spine and the muscles of the back.

Especially often it causes osteochondrosis at which the intervertebral discs lose elasticity and firmness.

Sharp, suddenly a completely new pain in the lower back pain can be a symptom of a herniated disc or sciatica. In these cases, the pain becomes stronger, taking a deep inhale and an active movement.

Quite often the feelings of pain in the lower back occur in people who suffer from the shift of the intervertebral disc, scoliosis, which represents a pathological curvature of the spine, as well as some other diseases growth.

Various inflammations, such as rheumatoid arthritis and reiter's syndrome, as well as infectious diseases affecting the spine and intervertebral disc (tuberculosis, brucellosis, epidural abscess) lead to the emergence of severe pain in the lower back.

Their cause may be a tumor located near the spine or in the spinal cord.

To identify the underlying disease, which causes pain and discomfort, it is necessary to pass a full medical examination.

What to do for pain in the lower back, what are the methods of treatment

In the appointment of conservative treatment is punishable by three main goals: relief of pain, drawing up the programme of therapeutic and preventive action to treat the underlying disease, the caller's pain, and the rapid return of the patient to normal life.

Whatever the cause of pain in the lower back, to treat the basic disease most commonly applied medication. In addition, your doctor may prescribe analgesics in the form of tablets or ointments, and in the case of severe pain – in the form of injections.

As a supplement to them – or, alternatively, if the treatment of medicines is contraindicated – prescribe a course of therapeutic massage or manual therapy. Of course, that the massage is necessary to do a highly qualified specialist, because incorrect implementation may bring more harm than good.

In recent years, patients with painful shoulders, sometimes recommended to undergo the study of acupuncture. This method is very effective for pain relief and release muscle tension.

In many diseases of the spine good effect to give therapeutic exercise and yoga, but such a pursuit in any case can not be performed on their own initiative – a program should be created by a specialist.

It is also important to adhere to the regime and not to overload the back. If you have pain in the shoulders, not dramatically lift weights, but mild exercises are necessary. Try as often as possible to walk and do small breaks during the working day to perform a few simple exercises and a warm up.

Pain in the lower back – it is always a sign of disease, which does not pass by itself. Pain medication pills is only hiding the problem, but not solve it.

When adequate treatment with the improvement of the condition of the patient the pain passes by itself, but a complete cure requires time. How to ease the pain, it is necessary that the whole course of activities, which can be realized only in a special medical device.

But what would be caused by pain in the lower back, it is necessary to find out the cause. If the doctor won't take long to can install, and prescribes pain medication, there is a risk of run situation. Then the pain may develop into chronic, and analgesics cause dependence.

How to get rid of lower back pain

One of the modern and effective methods for the treatment of chronic pain in modern hospitals is a technique of Pain Management. The essence of the method lies in a series of virtually painless injections into the area of the lower back, which blocks the pain, destroys the nerve endings in the area of inflammation. Pain Management – this is an opportunity to get rid of from the pain for a longer period of time (a half-two years, until the time of resumption of nerve endings), during which, according to the recommendation of a doctor, you can take the necessary measures to find and remove the underlying cause of the pain.

For pain relief apply to other programs, which include also the treatment of treatment and rehabilitation methods – therapeutic gymnastics, massage, acupuncture, electrical stimulation, as well as a treatment by ozone, botox therapy and many more.