Pain in the right side of the back has: analysis of possible causes of the disease

When a person is troubled by pain in the right side from the back then has a lot of before visiting the cabinet of a doctor acquainted with the possible diagnoses. The grounds are absolutely prose: the patient should know, to what doctors to go, I have to go to the hospital or just outpatient treatment. The patient, as a general plans a battle, going with the forces, straining reserves. Some of the ills of tricky and deadly, others find themselves in due to the figment of the imagination.

Reason for discomfort on the right side in the area of the back acute disease

pain in the side from the back

Experts define the possible causes for the localization of pain and the accompanying algae. An acute attack of pain on the right side under the ribs develops when acute inflammation of the gall bladder, appendicitis and many other diseases. Gnawing pain evoke different pathology of the kidney, digestive tract and spine. The body with the help of painful sensations it sends a signal about the danger that it is necessary to recognize, that he might in time to start treatment.

Acute diseases as causes of sudden pain in the right side of the back side:

  • inflammation or abscess of the right kidney;
  • gallstone disease;
  • cholecystitis;
  • appendicitis;
  • inflammation of the pleura;
  • pneumonia;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • myocardial infarction.

Important! A patient with sudden intense pain in suspected acute appendicitis, renal colic, myocardial infarction necessarily hospitalitynet.

Liposuction of the abdominal form of myocardial infarction is more common in women. The pain occurs in the right hypochondrium, in the side from the back, in the area of the navel. Other symptoms of disorders: dizziness, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness. The pain of an attack begins after exercise, emotional stress, over the age of 45 years. It is a dangerous disease, it can cause death if the time to take action.

Inflammation of the lungs

Pneumonia and pleurisy inflammatory diseases, which are accompanied by an increase in temperature, cough with purulent sputum, difficult breathing. If the process is localized in the lower lobe of the lung, then while inhaling, and rotate torso pain in the hypochondrium intensify.

Among the reasons for the painful sensations malignant tumors. The development of cancerous tumors in the right light is placed on a strong pain on the right side below the scapula acromion. Make the correct diagnosis, experts listen carefully to the light, redirect to fluorography and chest x-rays of the chest.

Diseases of organs of urine

diseases of organs of urine

On the background of relative well-being appears renal colic. So called a sharp, unbearable pain in the waist area and the lower as a result of injury of the ureter with a view of the stone. Experts diagnose acute inflammation of the kidneys according to the nature of urination disorders, the results of laboratory studies of urine, and ULTRASOUND examination of the kidneys.

In chronic inflammation in the right kidney cause pain-pain localized in the right side, in the back below the waist. A person can know that kidney stones disease in the passage of the ULTRASOUND examination for other diseases. If it has sand in the kidneys, then the shoulders of the stronger pain during physical exertion, improper position of the body.

Acute appendicitis

A typical localization of pain in acute and chronic appendicitis right iliac region. Sometimes the Appendix ;grows up, is located completely or partly under the liver. In these cases, the pain occurs, it gives on the right side, where is located the liver and gallbladder. Separate the intake of analgesics ;lubricates picture of acute appendicitis, therefore it is not recommended to consume the medication until examination by a doctor.

Gnawing pain below the waist on the right side may grow in abnormal development and atypical location of the appendix. A person can not know about such anatomical features of your body. Help to refine the diagnosis of research: ultrasound, x-ray, laparoscopy.

Women's health

The load on the spine increases during pregnancy after five months. In this period, troubled by unpleasant sensations in the lower back or in one hip, the back has. In the second half of the period strongly enlarged uterus displaces the colon along with the vermiform on the side of the liver.

Important! In acute appendicitis of the pregnant she feels a sharp pain in the side, from the rear of back, in right hypochondrium.

Climax in females is manifested by pain, resulting in the violation of blood flow in the small pelvis. It's the body's reaction to decreased levels of female sex hormones and disruption of the metabolism.

Organ failure of the digestive tract

In chronic inflammation in the liver and the gall bladder occur a dull, gnawing pain in the higher ridges in the right hypochondrium. Uncomfortable feelings follow, weeks, and months, years. For the restoration of their full functionality it is necessary to pay attention to the entire digestive tract. If in the liver diagnosed with parasites, then it is necessary to take medication against worms.

A comprehensive treatment of parasitic disease:

  • adherence to the diet Table №5;
  • a cholagogue;
  • an enzyme product;
  • an antimicrobial agent;
  • medicine against worms;
  • enterosorbent for cleaning the intestines of toxins;
  • probiotics for the recovery of the intestinal microflora;
  • collection of herbs chamomile, rose hips, corn silk.

Cholecystitis is accompanied by pain in the abdomen on the right side under the ribs, which is given in the right blade and in the shoulder. Provoke a seizure, alcohol, fried and fatty foods. Pain in the pancreas rarely felt from the back. However, this authority is interconnected with the stomach and gall bladder. Pancreas inflammation while increasing the acidity of gastric juice, blockage of the bile ducts. There is a strong spasm of pain.

In the case of gallbladder disease the pain is localized above the waist in the right hypochondrium, and in the right blade. It is recommended to follow a diet to exclude alcohol intake. How to remove spasm, take drugs antispasmodic effects.

Doctors usually offer the patient the acute inflammation of the gallbladder removal of the gallbladder, because there is a high risk of developing peritonitis. Modern less traumatic method of endoscopic surgery. Performs incision and performs the removal of the gall bladder through small punctures.

Osteochondrosis of the spine and intercostal neuralgia


Back pain is experiencing 80% of the population. Many believe that the cause of fatigue, exhausting physical work, or hypothermia. Partly, these assumptions correspond to the facts. Non-specific pain in the right side of the rear side are formed in an uncomfortable position, stereotyped movements. Usually, the discomfort disappears after a rest.

What can cause pain in the right side of the back side:

  • intervertebral hernia;
  • injury to the spine;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • spondylosis.

When osteochondrosis affects the nerves that comes from the canal of the spinal cord, leads to aging of the cartilage and bone tissue. Provoke bouts of pain hypothermia, excessive salts and acids in the diet, excessive load on the spine. Discomfort is amplified when inhaling, turning the torso, perform physical work or sports exercises.

How to calculate the disease?

Uncomfortable feelings do not necessarily localized over the problem zone. Pain often gives to the other stations, spread throughout the body. The discomfort can be short or long according to the time.

To avoid unpleasant consequences for the health of you adhering to the golden rule When pain is acute, the dagger, in the form of battles, urgently seek medical assistance. When pulling, aching, dull pain, you can take a painkiller and lie down. If uncomfortable feelings persist for a period of three days, then it is better might seem the doctor. To properly diagnose the disease, it is necessary to carry out the research: radiographic, ultrasound, computer tomography or.