Pain under both shoulder blades of the reasons

Feelings of back pain are most commonly associated with serious diseases of the spine column. Scoliosis, osteochondrosis and other pathology of the thoracic spine cause almost the same pain, localized between the shoulder blades. Due to ignorance of the specifics of the diagnosis of diseases of the spine begins I (compresses, ointments, poultices), but often it's all for nothing, only a doctor can determine the cause and prescribe treatment. Why sore back under shoulder blade?


What can be the pain?

The paddle is located in the vicinity of the clavicle and the shoulder bones, locates in the rear part of the back. In essence, this steam bone, which has the shape of a triangle, are just attached to it the muscles that are responsible for the mobility of the shoulder girdle. Ribs and turbines – it is a frame for the muscles of the entire back, pain under shoulder blades is feasible, it is necessary to immediately diagnose the root cause and start the course of treatment.

Kinds of pain under the shoulder blades can be divided into several subgroups:

  • According to the site of pain (under which one of the blades; in the middle; the feelings of pain they give to the breasts, or between the ribs; located above or below the shoulder blades)
  • According to the nature of sensations (pulling, burning, sharp, cramping, throbbing, deals, dental pain, is bottled, etc.)
  • According to the length of pain symptoms (arises with frequency, starting sharply, how to take seizure, enhanced or reduced pain).

For accurate diagnosis and determine the cause of the doctors should ask for details and understand what could become a factor, the causes of pain (e.g., spinal injuries), and assign the treatment of the patient.

Causes of pain

Why back hurts in the area of the blades? The main causes lie in the pathologies of the digestive system, the disease itself the spinal pillar, problems with the lungs and heart. An equally important factor is the psychological state of the patient, and injury.

In general, if the patient is haunted by acute pain, the reasons lie in acute inflammation, and tears of the tissues or muscles (such as in a fall). If the pain signs of a drag and not very strong, it means that causes of pain lie in chronic diseases of the patient. The blunt nature of pain symptoms is a frequent companion of a heart attack, or bladder problems.

Reasons, because it hurts my back, under the shoulder blades, in the context of pathologies of the vertebral pillar occupy a leading place among other factors. Because the spine holds the entire weight of the human body, thanks to him, a person goes directly and not on four legs, like animals do.

If the back muscles weakened, the little person moves, the problem starts with the spine.


If the muscles are on the back and the infant corset atrophy, and a man of few moves, the spine loses its role in maintaining the body and is accompanied by pain sensations. The disks begin to sink, bulge, appear the gaps. Causes unnecessary irritation of the nerve root, the spinal pillar loses its strength and elasticity and develops a degenerative disc disease. The body, at its sole discretion, strengthens the spine, strengthening his bone growths.

The spine loses mobility and pain in the back under the scapula acromion on right and left side. Pain symptoms localized in the side where the pinched nerves.

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Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine begins the painful symptoms in the back of his head, the land is insufficient blood supply to the numb, begin to pain in the back below the shoulder blades. More often the pain is localized from the left side. Osteochondrosis in the thoracic region begins with back pain under the shoulder blades. The pain gives to the sternum. The patient complains of a feeling of heaviness in the sternum when breathing. Pain, which appear when chondrosis of the parent department, will often give to the heart.

Back pain due to other causes, most often it is the osteochondrosis of the lumbar. Its recognizes the impact of pain in the legs, like a wound electric shock, unpleasant feelings during the progression of the degenerative disease of the disc is moving underneath the left blade. And when the long position of the body without changing the position, more often when the patient is sitting lower back pain involves the encircling of the head. Causes of pain just below the shoulder blades, associated with pathologies of the spine, are recognized by a doctor when complaints about the growing of the painful symptoms during movement.

Diseases of the internal organs

Often feelings of pain caused by heart disease. Get sick under the scapula acromion may, at the time of myocardial infarction, satellite and pressing sensations in the heart area. If the pain is not in gymnastics or warm-up and during deep inhalation, then the patient should be urgently hospitalized in the hospital. Another clear symptom of the pain associated myocardial serve the feelings of pain under the left scapula, gives in the neck, jaw, on the left side or on the left hand.

The causes of back pain under the shoulder blades lie in problems with the GI. In the first place it is a gastric ulcer.

When the progression of the disease the mucous membrane of the shell body is exposed to destruction from the acid, in consequence of which arises from irritation of the nerve diaphragm and start pain seizures under the scapula acromion. Are regular in nature, it grows after a meal, or when fasting. The pain disappears after a fit of vomiting, the use of warm wraps. The patient is nauseous and vomits when reaching the top of the head.


Another clear symptom of going to burp, severe heartburn. Feelings of pain going from under the blades, begins to give in the region of the heart. When full dissolution of the walls of the stomach, the patient complains of gives pain in the shoulder or collarbone covered by a then fades. Often the cause of pain from behind has caused problems with the lungs, for example in pathologies of the lung. If the pain in the lungs, then a pain localized under the right scapula. Sick of the cough, in the lungs, wheezing, difficult breathing.


Psychological problems of man also could be the causes of pain under the shoulder blades. When people experience chronic stress, tension is transmitted through the muscles of the back and the patient becomes difficult to stand long or sit because of the sore pain. Often these reasons bothers people with sedentary way of life, high levels of stress (managers, agents, salesmen, counselors, administrators).

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It may become the cause of pain and injury to the bones themselves, obtained in the result of a fall or impact. Often the cause is damage to the blades from the elbow blow, or a fall on the hand. The pain symptoms are manifested in the movements of the hand, and the area of the shoulder blades red and swell. The cause becomes and inflammation of the synovial bags, then while driving the blades is to hear the crunch, and the patient has in this area the severity and pain.

Another factor, which precedes the pain – osteomyelitis. It manifests itself in purulent inflammation of the tissues, rheumatic pain, intoxication of the organism. Arises as a result of injuries or knife wounds. Less often the cause of pain are the malignant neoplasms in this area, affecting the tissue around the scapula.


So as the factors preceding the syndrome of pain, a lot of, then is a diagnosis to identify the causes of the pathology of a complex procedure. Diagnosis is carried out comprehensively, using several methods. In the first stage, the doctor carefully listens to the patient for the presence of of complaints and manufactures its evaluation. The second stage: palpation the diseased area of the back, orthopedic testing for the detection of symptoms.

If the doctor is willing to endure a diagnosis, then passes the patient to the doctor with a narrower profile (cardiologist, oncologist, surgeon).

Depending on the factors to produce x-ray radiation of the parent department or the spinal pillar, is performed by MRI, removable cardiogram, heart examined by ultrasound. If the factors causing pain lies in diseases of the digestive tract, then the patient offer through fibrogastroduodenoscopy. If the cause were diseases of the respiratory tract, the doctors performed a bronchoscopy. In addition, the patient solves a number of tests: urine, feces, blood and so on



If a patient torment sharp pain, which cannot be tolerated, then the medical staff directs the main efforts on the relief of the painful symptoms. The patient is prescribed medication, the removal of the inflammation and eliminate pain in the form of injections, ointments, tablets, for example, nimesulide, diclofenac, ibuprofen, and other medications.

The main task of the doctor is to treat the root cause that caused the disease, and no consequence. Treatment is appointed an expert after all the conducted surveys and analyses. Remember: that the pain of wearing long-term in nature, regardless of the localization and the character isn't going anywhere, I'm sure it needs to be treated, until it is complicated by inflammation.

If the cause is used diseases of the musculoskeletal system, to treat the applying course of massage, or manual therapy, supplemented by electrophoresis. In exceptional cases, ill is shown a surgical procedure with a course of anti-inflammatory medications or antibiotics.

If your back hurts from myositis or problems with low tone the back, it is enough to do the exercises at home, heat up the muscular corset of the ointment, the friction of the tincture. Other problems and illnesses are treated only by a doctor, who will pick up the treatment in accordance with the original cause of the disease. Do not neglect the advice of a doctor in all types of back pain, because they can be the result of chronic or acute disease that should be promptly treated.

What to do when a painful area of the shoulder blades?

Diagnosis of pain in the area of the shoulder blades – is not a simple task, because, as previously described, to the pain of feelings in this area can bring very many diseases. For the determination of the disease is it is worth it all the same turn to your doctor, because for the determination of the exact diagnosis it is necessary to perform many studies. Maybe, as in most cases, pain in the area of the blades led to the deformation (stretching or injury) of the muscles, however, in order to prevent more serious diseases, doctors need to conduct a survey of the internal organs, the disease, which can cause discomfort in the back.

Treatment of pain in the shoulder blade

In accordance with an existing disease the treatment, of course, different. However, all the same, most often occur exactly the pain associated with the work of the muscles, therefore it is worth considering the treatment of this direction.

When pain in the area of the blades, caused by injuries to the muscles, feel a burning sensation or tightness between the shoulder blades. The most commonly to alleviate such painful feelings need to only do a few strokes with your hands or a few circular movements of the shoulders. If such a manipulation, the desired result has not brought and under the shoulder blades continue to be sick, and in addition, shall forward to the region of the heart, then you will have problems with the spine or heart and it is worth it to contact your doctor for help.

Pain in the area of the blades, which is associated with the violation of the work or the provisions of the muscle, the more frequent people leading a sedentary way of life, and also for those who are on the specifics of their work, most of the day he spends in one and the same position – these are the staff offices, banks, programmers, seamstress and so on. Consequently, the daily work, the back muscles, in these people are weak, they lose their elasticity, which leads to disturbances in posture.

Curvature of the spine are fraught with the development of other, more dangerous strain of the internal organs. Because the best treatment is in this situation worth to be called a daily exercise, as well as performing simple exercises on the shake of the shoulder girdle during the day. Also, if possible, to involve swimming or visit the gym to strengthen your muscles and keep them in good shape.

Even one of the above diseases, to the great unfortunately, can not be cured at home, and you still have to ask for help to healthcare professionals, which will be set accurate diagnosis and establish a desirable and effective right in your case, the complex physiotherapy and therapeutic procedures and drugs.

You may be assigned medical procedures, such as electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, various techniques, electrotherapy, ultrasonic therapy, manual either reflexology, sanitary and spa treatment. All these methods are aimed to eliminate the main symptoms, painful feelings, but it is not clear a key cause of pain in the shoulder blades.

If you suddenly appeared pain in the area of the blades – initially it is worth it to turn to such doctors, as traumatologist, cardiologist, rheumatologist and neurologist. Will point to the cause of the back pain. In determining the disease and the appointment of treatment you may need the help of a chiropractor or a specialist on massage.

Painful sensations in the back area – the most common symptom. With the complaint, patients often contact their doctors of various specialties. But usually painful celebrated in the upper part of the neck or below in the lower back. Complaints of discomfort in the infant or the chest department it is celebrated rarely. Why is this happening, and because of what happened?

Department of thoracic


The thoracic (pectoral), the separation of at least the moving of the entire spinal column and most stable. This means that degenerative lesions of the there develop less often and intervertebral hernias occur rarely. Even if in the thoracic area of the spine by a protrusion, it is rarely manifested any symptoms.

Hernia should reach considerable size and be focused inside the spinal canal, or on the side of the nerve plexus, that there are neurological manifestations, pain under the scapula acromion or burning.

But yet sometimes discomfort arises, and at this level. Why back hurts in the area of the blades?