Back pain in the lumbar

Pain in the lumbar region

Pain in the lumbar region — a fairly common phenomenon, so many people who have these pain experienced, the question arises, why hurt your back in the lumbar?

It's our payback for the opportunity to move on two legs. Back pain, especially in its lower department, could occur due to the fact that the spine is the load is distributed unevenly, a large part falls on the lower department.

Why it hurts the shoulders

The pain phenomenon is to be divided into primary and secondary. Diseases are the primary cause of the pathological changes in dystrophic or functional origin in the spinal column, which consists not only of solid fabrics, but also of elastic muscle tissue containing nerve fibers.

The causes of secondary pain are mechanical damage, infectious or cancer diseases, pathological changes of the organs of the peritoneum. And for women, and for the representatives of the male lumbar soreness can cause inflammation or tumor formation in the organs of the urinary system.

In almost 85% of the pain triggered by a pinched nerve fibers in osteochondrosis.

In addition, there are a large number of the disease, leading to pain phenomena in the lower back. These diseases occur in both innate and purchased. The vast majority of cases of painful manifestations can be explained by physical inactivity, constant long stay in one position, and also obtained injuries of the spine.

When regular pain and dental pain rotation in the area of the lower back, people do not immediately resort to medical care. But such pain has the property to accumulate. And only when these symptoms begin to chase constantly and the intensity of their growing, people are thinking about treatment.

The least susceptible to the development conditions, when the back hurts, the people leading an active lifestyle and engaged in some type of physical education. Vacation, regular change of position at work behind a desk, and regular physical activity contribute to prevent the development of degenerative disc disease and other pathological phenomena.

Reasons for lumbar pain

Reasons for lumbar pain

If the back hurts, the explanation may be different:

  • involuntary convulsive contraction of the muscles supporting the spine, and that as a lump sum incurred, as well as regular;
  • pathological processes in the intervertebral discs, which lead to to massage the roots of the nerve fibers;
  • degenerative processes in the hard tissues;
  • narrowing of the spinal canal;
  • destructive lesions of the cartilage tissue (osteoarthritis) in the joints of the lumbar;
  • deformation of the spine;
  • ankylosing spondylitis.


Osteochondrosis is called the complex of degenerative changes in the cartilage tissue of the vertebrate joints. Most often it is the damage to the intervertebral disc.

Osteochondrosis is almost always accompanied by deformation of the lumbar region of the spinal column. Curvature can occur on the side, forward and backward. If the crumbling of the intervertebral disc or its fragments have the action on the spinal canal, occur disturbances in the organs of the pelvis.

Can be observed problems with emptying the bladder or bowel, loss of sensitivity of the authorities of the genitourinary system, both men and women.


Sciatica caused by a dysfunction of the sciatic nerve, it is the whole complex, which combines a variety of neurological symptoms. Pain varies depending on the type of disorder. Can be felt lumbago, pain burning, stabbing or numbness.

Sometimes, the patient so strongly it hurts my back in the lumbar, that is not possible to move at all, the pain prevents sleep, a person cannot find peace. If the pain arose as a result of this causes, treatment is needed immediately to stop the attack.

For this purpose, are analgesic medications, and also specific techniques, used by doctors for the purpose of stretching the spine.


Lumbago — this is the so-called lumbago, strong sudden pain, provoked the overload of the muscles. When a large one or long-term tension, the muscles are warmed and then followed by cooling, and as a result can become, is a heart attack, sudden pain in the lower back.

A heart attack can warn you before it starts the pathological process in one of the intervertebral discs in the lumbar. The pain symptoms are accompanied by in lumbago, feeling the strong tension of the muscles. During the attack in person very back hurts in the lumbar, it's in one position, often unnatural, and any attempt by her to replace the taunts, maybe pain.

Lumbago can continue during a short period of time, and may not lapse for long hours, and end as suddenly as it started.

And sciatica and lumbago can occur regularly repeated, and therefore, it is necessary to determine what types of loads or posture can cause. The pain in these pathologies, as usual, radiating to the back of the thighs, and when you try to change the situation worsen. The treatment of these diseases it is necessary to carry out complex activities.

Kidney disease

Lumbar pain — the characteristic symptom of pathological processes in the kidneys. Some of them encourage the rapid increase of the renal capsule due to edema or inflammation. Just in diseases that cause rapid increase, such as pain and come. The pain can irradiate in the region of the peritoneum.

Why still may appear painful sensations in the lower back

Back pain occur, if a person too much time spend sitting (at work, at home in front of the tv or computer, in the car). On the other hand, activities related to the amplified physical work, permanent residence on the feet, can also trigger pain in the lower back.

Manifestation of fanaticism while running, exercising in the gym, caused by the desire to more quickly dial in the shape, and especially often observed in women, sometimes leads to various pathologies of the joints, bones and muscles of the spinal column or injury bringing the pain.

Pain in the lower back, sometimes occur as a result of the increased load on it. In direct walking load divided so that a large part of her falls right into a lower division, in the lumbar area.

If a person has excess weight, it increases load times, and can cause the appearance of soreness of the back. In women pain in the lower back can feel in bearing the child, and also in the period after menopause, when developing disorders that lead to increased bone fragility.

Treatment of pain in the lower back

Why still may appear painful sensations in the lower back

If a man hurts his back in the lumbar than to treat this condition?

If a patient of constant back pain, and especially strongly tormented shoulders, then treatment should be carried out consistently and systematically. Acute painful, of course, it is necessary to stop using drugs.

However, after that, how strong the pain is removed, the treatment is necessary to: actively engage therapeutic gymnastics, receive physiotherapy, to spend one or several courses of massage. Also, it is possible to consult about the unconventional methods of treatment: acupuncture, manual therapy, acupuncture, folk recipes for wraps and friction.

The attending physician will always tell you what methods it is best to resort in a specific case.

The Pre-medical help when the back pain

In cases where the pain of watching regularly or very strongly hurts and twisted so that it is not a stretch, to resort to medical help in any case have to. Only an expert knows exactly what to do in different diseases.

On reception at the doctor or the ambulance arrival, you can take painkillers that they find in the home medicine cabinet.

It is also possible to use the funds for local use: ointments or gels, special patch.

These funds should not affect the warm-up. Enjoy external means of warming action is possible only in periods of remission. If you have a strong pain, is that the drug will increase blood flow to the patient at the place, it provokes an increase in oedema, and accordingly, and painful feelings. It is not necessary to try to alleviate the pain by drinking alcohol, it is difficult to establish the diagnosis and further the work of health professionals.

Conservative treatment

Treatment treatment when back pain is mainly focused on the suppression of painful seizures.

Treatment treatment for back pain

For this applies, an analgesic and anti-inflammatories in a variety of dosage forms.

Medications to ease the painful feelings can be saved to the patient orally, intramuscularly, intravenously or directly on the injured area. Also apply gels and ointment with a warm-up, which is applied on the area where it is felt the pain.

However, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs can stop the pain, but not eliminate the factors.

For the removal of spasmodic processes apply medications-muscle relaxants. To improve the supply of tissues of the spine and maintaining metabolic processes at cellular level are used antiplatelet agents. For this to take off the neuralgic symptoms shown the use of drugs, vitamins of group b.

Physical therapy methods are necessarily applied in the treatment of pathological processes in the various components of the vertebral column and restore their functionality. Applying such methods, how to use electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, laser, body wraps and baths with the use of different active substances, with a warm-up and spa treatments.

The doctor will prescribe the necessary physiotherapy is therefore, how to treat a particular disease, you need various appropriate ways.

To methods of conservative treatment can also be attributed to the physical therapy sessions. To perform the exercise is to be in a period of remission, with acute pain it is impossible. Practice is necessary to regularly, ideally every day. The exercise can pick up the doctor or instructor of physical therapy.

Experience way you need to find out what exercises would provoke unpleasant feelings in the area of the lumbar. If any movements from the pain, from them it is better to give up.

Massage can contribute to how to get rid of a number of back problems. The main thing is that its implementation has engaged a specialist who has medical education. Massage techniques have a beneficial effect on the blood supply to the affected areas, helps the rapid excretion from the body of toxic substances, contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes.

To perform massage it is necessary in the period when the pain doesn't bother.

Non-traditional methods

Non-traditional methods

Acupuncture and manual therapy to significantly alleviate the condition of the person, if he has a sick lumbar department of the back. These methods are designed in ancient times, and may have a beneficial effect on health, but use these ways to unusual exposure is possible only with the permission of the attending physician. Hold should only an expert, who has a diploma.

If back pain occur regularly, it may resort to folk methods of relief from symptoms. Before using any of the recipes, consult with the attending physician. Many natural remedies have powerful effects, and can not only help, but also bring damage.

To reduce the painful sensations you friction. For him, it is necessary to prepare a mixture from any cologne or pure alcohol, a bottle of 5% solution of iodine, tincture of Valerian root and a small amount of hot peppers. This mixture is thoroughly rub the injured area, and then wrap up warm. The procedure is best done before bedtime, and let it warm all night.

Recipes of folk medicine there is a huge amount. Back ache in people always, and today degenerative disc disease occurs in almost everyone who crossed the thirty-year milestone.

Back pain — not as much disease, how much is a symptom that would point to him. What is the most important, do not start the disease, but examined and pass the course of treatment, after all the recommendations of the experts.