Treat lower back pain without a doctor

Back pain – a problem with which they must face the people at different ages, is familiar with men and women, can be a reaction to the burden or hypothermia.

It often happens that it is continually hurts the shoulders in people with sedentary way of life.

Pain in the lower back strongly exhaustive ones, who in the night it hurts the shoulders, is not sleep, this circumstance reduces the efficiency, prevents to concentrate on the task, although in the afternoon the pain doesn't bother. Therefore, it is very important to remove painful as possible.


pain-back pain

Humanity is familiar with the lumbar pain for a very long time, and so long looking for methods to combat them. Many folk recipes time-tested and performance is not worse than the medical means and physiotherapy procedures, and from a financial point of view much more accessible.

Recipes alternative medicine help to quickly get rid of the acute pain within a few days back on your feet. The negotiation of some alternative medicines is aimed not only at removing the symptom, but also on the treatment of diseases that are caused by pain.

Some people's recipes include quite rare in the current days components, others require the use of financial resources, which they find in every home. The variety of recipes allows everyone to choose the appropriate to.

Causes of pain in the lower back

Lumbar pain are of a different nature – pulling, cutting sheet metal, stabbing pain, a burning sensation or pain, occur in varying intensity – from the causes a feeling of discomfort to unbearable.

Vary with and location: it happens that the pain of the spine in the lower back, or pain focuses the right or left of the spine, or wear a belt the character that grabs even the underbelly.

If it hurts the shoulders after sleep, the cause may be an uncomfortable position in bed. But more often it is a sign of serious problems with the spine, or internal organs. Lumbar pain can explain such factors:

  • disorders of skin and subcutaneous tissue in the lumbar region;
  • inflammation or injury of the muscles and ligaments of the back;
  • congenital pathology, infectious, inflammatory, degenerative, cancer diseases and injuries of the spine;
  • diseases of internal organs – GIT, renal, female genital, prostate; appendicitis with an atypical arrangement, a hernia in the lumbar triangle;
  • disease of the sacro-coccygeal completion of the joints or the hip joints with pain, irradiating in the lower back;
    pregnancy, menstruation.

For the exact determination of the causes of the pain are important accompanying symptoms. So, if it hurts the shoulders, on the right side, it may be a sign of a urinary tract infection (along with nausea, fever), irritable bowel syndrome (occurred to bloating, gas) or herniation of the intervertebral disc.

Folk methods of treatment


The most common methods of alternative medicine are:

  • tiles, including warming;
  • grinding;
  • warming baths;
  • dry heat;
  • herbal tea for the reception inside.

Treatment for lower back pain compresses

For the tiles is used either cloth, smeared or impregnated with a medicinal composition, either composition is applied directly to the body and from the top escapes with cloth, paper, plastic film, if a warm compress, it is necessary to wrap.

Also for the tiles are used the leaves of the plant. The course of treatment depends on the state of health, usually it takes at least 3 days.

Compresses is better to do in the evening, some holding for about an hour, some leave for the night, or even for a few days. After this treatment every morning hurts the shoulders of a much less often. Here are some recipes.

Of horseradish, or radish.

Rubbed with the grater root to use along with the juice. When the increased sensitivity of the skin, or for children of a compress can be done in less the burning sensation by adding in the amount of sour cream.

You can also mix in equal parts of horseradish and mash the potatoes, boiled in their skins. The weight of the superimposed a thick layer on the damaged stretch, leaking polyethylene and wrap yourself waves wide scarf or shawl. Compress is need to an hour and a half, usually three procedures, is sufficient.

You can use the juice of radish, moistened in it, thick fabric and wrapped from the top to the connected compress. If burning the tolerant view, tile holds up to 2 days.

Saline compresses. Table salt is dissolved in hot water (1:10), in this solution moistened folded 8 layers of gauze, served the roast, poultice put on your back with a towel and left for the night.

Compress from the collection of herbs. Performs the like the salt, I just used a warm infusion of chamomile, thyme, black elderberry and st. john's wort.

If the pain is caused by problems with the kidneys (when it often hurts the shoulders of the left-hand side), it is possible poultices use infusion of spicy greens – parsley, fennel, celery, who filled with boiling water for 20 minutes. Through the compress is to be put a heating pad on the course need 10-15 procedures.

Tiles with sex. Fill in the sexual several flat bags made of fabric, boil in hot water under the lid, squeeze and slightly cool to be able to give to the body, such as cooling to replace the warm, to the total duration of the procedure has reached hours.

Garlic compress. Oil, crushed garlic infusion on the water, in this infusion moistened towel at him the same pressed juice from the lemon.

A poultice applied, cold applied, until it acquires the body temperature (approximately 20 minutes), if necessary, change to a fresh one. Change the compresses until relief. For complete disappearance of pain usually need 5-7 days.

Wedding warm.

A damaged section of the lumbar smeared a thin layer of honey, leaking from above the toilet paper. On top put the mustard, top wrap of polyethylene, and something waves. Keep a maximum of one and a half hours, when a strong burning sensation – less, how much can suffer.

A mustard poultice. If not a mustard plaster, but there are dry mustard powder, you can make a poultice, spread it in hot water (40⁰). The mass of the consistency of sour cream smeared piece of cloth, is applied for several minutes.

From the leaves of horseradish, or burdock. The leaves of horseradish is used fresh, washed, burdock can borrow and dry, pre-pour the boiling water, is applied to the lower side of the back. The leaves attach to the bottom of the back, to make such a compress need at least an hour, it is possible to leave for a few days.


Grinding, as well as compresses, it is recommended to for the night, after which wrap the lower part of the back.

If it hurts your back, under your lower back, it is necessary to rub and lower back, and the area under and around the sides, area of effect should be wider than the painful stretch.

For the milling folk medicine recommends the use of alcohol or vodka tinctures of these plants:

  • eucalyptus;
  • red peppers;
  • fly agaric;
  • Adamov root;
  • dandelion root;
  • lilac;
  • the root of the nettle have, burdock.

They are used for grinding of not only alcohol tinctures. You can use agave juice, but to begin treatment with caution, to control any skin reaction, when the strong burning sensation wash off the juice.

Good effect gives the infusion of flowers and leaves of tansy with the admixture of salt. To half a cup of boiling water is given 2 tablespoons of dry tansy and a teaspoon of salt, grass infusion an hour in a thermos, and salt is added in the filtered infusion.

Wedding tile it is possible to replace honey massage, pain at the site of smeared honey and massage the slap followed by the palms and improvements.

Medicinal baths

medicinal baths

To treat back pain it is good to take a hot bath with medicinal additives, in which it is to be located, until the water becomes warm. There are 2 basic options, such as medicinal baths:

  • with the addition of mustard powder – 200 g in the bath;
  • with the addition of a decoction of mint leaves – 300 g per bucket of water, boil for 20 minutes.

Warming dry heat

The easiest, and environmentally friendly way – is it stitched from wool fabric flat pouch of such size that drapes the damaged section. Can it perform in sand or pits of cherries, which are the pre-warm up in the oven, the microwave, in a pan, and put on the lower back.

Pocket must not be too hot, warm, but do not parboil. Traditionally for warming use mustard as well as pepper band-aid, prepared, or self-made (cut the pods scorching peppers, extract the seeds and sticks the band-aid the center outwards).

Medicinal preparations for the reception inside

Internal treatment of back pain depends on what the cause of are caused by.

In diseases of the urinary you have the diuretic effect of the infusions and decoctions of rose hips, plantain, nettle.

In rheumatic pains is effective alcohol tincture of cinquefoil. The dry root is crushed, the month of the infusion on vodka (the root of the medium size on the floor-a liter bottle). Infusion is necessary to drink a teaspoon 3 times a day for therapeutic and preventive purposes.

Radiculitis and osteochondrosis of the treats also wine of elecampane. On threel the bank you have to take a handful of crushed roots, a liter of honey, 100 g of yeast and water (hot boiled) enough to fill a glass at 4-5 cm below the cervix.

The mixture travels as an ordinary wine, a little less than a month, then filtered, and then disappear in a cool place. This composition it is necessary to take 100 g twice a day, eat honey, until the end.



The effectiveness of many folk recipes for the treatment of back pain recognized by the official medicine. For example, mustard, opt for the garlic poultices, honey compresses and rubbing, compresses with herbal collection, herbal treatment of associated diseases.

And here is so exotic, or fixed recipes, such as tiles with rifle oil, powder of Turkish shingles, the friction of turpentine, or the tincture of fly agaric, strikes nettle doctors considered to be unnecessary, or even dangerous.

Even opting for folk recipes, it is worth visiting the doctor to find out the reason of pain. After all, if, for example, hurts the shoulders in the back right, it can be a sign of and oncology, and degenerative changes of the spine, in the treatment of which require a fundamentally different approach.

When intervertebral hernia surgery is required. Pain in the lower back are characteristic for pregnant and thermal procedures them contraindicated. So the treatment folk methods should be sensible and careful.