Back pain in pregnancy: norm and pathology, treatment and prevention

Pregnancy, whether coveted it even was used for the organism a strong stress factor and has a huge pressure. Between this load and the ability of the organism to resist her maintained a delicate balance. Its violation leads to the development of various pathologies, such as, for example, the incidence of back pain in pregnancy.


A complaint of back pain — one of the most common problems with which future moms are turning to the doctor. Especially in the late stage of pregnancy.

The causes of back pain during pregnancy

As usual, the question of why during pregnancy your back hurts, there is no universal answer.

Nausea is caused by not one, but with a whole complex of factors:

  • the repressive action of gradually increasing the pregnant uterus;
  • the shift of the center of gravity;
  • increase in body weight of pregnant women.

Alone uterus is small cavitary structure, which is surrounded by other authorities. Therefore, any increase in its size will lead to mechanical pressure on the surrounding organs, including the musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system.

The individual parts of the carcass forms a solid education (e.g., the pelvic bone), which compressed the pregnant uterus, what causes back pain and lower back pain.

In pregnant women this is again due to the growing uterus, there is a change in the habitual center of gravity. In the result, on the lower back and the spine acts a large load. Creates hypertonus of the muscles of the back, can be fed to the interference of nervous processes, which leads to the emergence of painful feelings.

In addition to the uterus, the load on the spine may have a greater weight of the body pregnant found out when increasing the power, a variety of hormonal shifts. The mechanism of occurrence of pain from this reason, it is absolutely the same.

Also back pain in pregnant women may be caused not only by its physiological changes, but also in pathological conditions, about which we'll talk further.

Interesting is also that for the emergence of a pain syndrome, it is not absolutely important to the timing of the pregnancy. Often back pain and lower back pain develops in the late stage. But in early pregnancy, back pain is not uncommon.

Function painful feelings

Spectrum of painful sensations in the back, when pregnancy wide. It can be an agonizing pain in the lower back, tailbone, so even the original "muscle" pain in the back. Also for the different timing of pregnancy is typical for your type of back pain.

In the early stage, most women will feel pain, localized in the lower back, it is possible, whining character. They are of a similar nature, pain arising during menstruation.

The reason for this pain syndrome is once again in the increase in the volume of the uterus, which presses on the bladder and bowel. As a result, appear typical of the complaint.

At the late stage of the women describe constant pain, localized in the lumbar and back muscles, making back pain in pregnant 25 per week. The cause is just change the center of gravity and overloading of the lumbar muscles. In addition, the pain may fade, when taking pregnant a horizontal position, or any other reduction in the burden on the spine.

When pain is the norm?

Can during pregnancy hurt your back itself? No, the availability of all the pain syndrome is not the norm. Its occurrence in pregnant requires full attention and the search for causes. Long lasting back pain in pregnant women can lead to sleep disturbances, insomnia, that can then affect the pregnancy, and even resolution at childbirth.

pain-back pain

In addition, back pain leads to restriction of motion of the pregnant woman and interfering with his lifestyle. It can trigger the development of stress, disruptions in emotional state and the emergence of postpartum depression.

Also there are a number of pathological conditions in pregnancy, which is the availability of pain syndrome in the back and the lower back can serve as a sort of "worrying sign".

When it is necessary to sound the alarm?

Similar "look" statuses are: threat of miscarriage or directly to the abortion. Pain in this case bears a specific character: drag and gnawing pain, localized in the lower back. Part of the women describes the feelings of: "as pain during monthly" or "pain, as in the battles".

This character of pain is indicative of possible activation of the contractile ability of the uterus. Premature activity in the early phase can lead to miscarriage, and later to premature birth.

If your back hurts so much from the 36 week, and especially on the 39-40 weeks of pregnancy, be sure to inform the gynecologist.

In addition, there are a number of conditions that are not associated with pregnancy, but accompanied by different pain symptoms in the back. A combination of any of these conditions in pregnancy, especially in the later the timing, they can become the cause of various complications during the process of childbirth, danger to life and health of the fetus and the mother.

Such states include:

  • Diseases of the kidney. Among them are particularly dangerous for pregnant women are pyelo-and glomerulonephritis. The combination of these diseases with pregnancy can lead to the development of pre - eclampsia.
  • Pancreatitis.
  • Osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, radiculitis.

How to get rid of back pain

Back pain treatment during pregnancy consists of a variety of methodologies. Treatment effects usually widely used, in pregnancy requires maximum medical checks and must be significantly limited. This is due to the fact that part of analgesic drugs can have a negative impact on the fetus.

So if in a woman is a very sore back in pregnancy, and she doesn't know what to do in the first place it is necessary to "get rid" of the spine, to reduce the level of burden.

without the burden of

Usually this way is wearing special bandages that support your belly. Also there is a special massage of the back, developed for pregnant women. Its use relaxes the back muscles and can reduce the level of pain.

However, if there is pain in the back, is not associated with pregnancy, and with the pathology of other organs, then the next treatment already requires a more serious approach and health checks, and, as a rule, the environment, the department of pathology of pregnancy.


Prevention of back pain in pregnant women is the appointment of therapeutic physical education, gymnastics, or yoga for future mums. It allows you to increase the body's ability to withstand the physical exertion that pregnancy.

Yoga also helps to create in a woman the right type of respiration, that can then be used during the birth process.

In addition to the treatment dosed physical load, pregnant must also fulfil a number of recommendations:

  • disclaimer wear during pregnancy high-heeled shoes;
  • the exception of lifting weights and excessive physical exertion;
  • the use of a special orthopedic mattress, which allows to reduce the load on the musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system of pregnant women;
  • a periodic change in the position of the body;
  • controlling body weight, reducing excess body weight.

Syndrome the incidence of back pain during pregnancy can cause both the increase of the uterus and the load on the backbone of women and in more severe conditions.

Therefore, if in the pregnancy, suddenly fell ill the lower part of the back, appeared to drag and cramping pain or acute "colicky" pain in the lower back, you need urgent consultation of the doctor to the exclusion of the threat of miscarriage, or a pathology of pregnant.