What to do when it hurts the muscles of the back: possible causes and treatment

If we are to believe the information provided in the context of medical statistics, every third person on this planet suffers from this or that pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Most extensions have arthritis of different genesis, as well as osteoarthritis.

The honorary third place in the structure described the disease takes muscular pain, muscle pain. The most commonly occur pain the muscles of the back. Despite the prevalence of this problem, the less dangerous the disease becomes.

Myositis (inflammation of muscles), accompanied by pain — it is a potentially disabling condition.

What you need to know about this threat? Try to understand

sore back muscles

What constitutes a pain in the muscles of the back, and what are the complications

Pain in the muscles of the back represent the most common symptom of this disease, such as myositis. At first glance, the pathology seems to be harmless: as in addition to discomfort is nothing to see, moreover, in the course of time the pathology of the imminent "not" alone". It is a profound mistake. The dangers of myositis lies in the development of complications. Among the most common — calcification of the muscle. In fact, the disease does not pass, it will stop and imperceptibly for the patient to continue to flow gradually, in the chronic form.

Calcification leads to the formation of static elements in the muscles, but also prevents the normal reduction of the fibers of the muscles. It is a direct path to the disruption of blood circulation: the "dura" muscles by simply squeezing the blood vessels. Especially dangerous such a state, localized in the neck region: the muscles of the com of the arteries nourishing the brain. It carries with it a stroke. No less dangerous myositiss in the field of thoracic and lumbar-sacral flag back. In this case, the danger lies in the squeezing of the nerve roots: such a condition can easily lead to paresises and even heavy paralyses. Why it is so important to timely seek medical help.

Reasons why my muscles ache at the back

There are a lot of possible reasons why my muscles ache on your back.

  • The first and most common — it's moved recently diseases of infectious-inflammatory nature. It is just what is called "cheated". The influence of low temperatures on the land with the muscles leads to a local reduction of immunity and the development of inflammation. Out of pain and discomfort.
  • Autoimmune diseases. In this case, the immunity takes own muscle cells for dangerous zoonotic disease and launch a defensive response. This is the most difficult type of disease, requiring a careful approach to treatment. This includes collagenosis, etc.
  • The availability of the hearth of chronic inflammation. The reason why my muscles ache on the back, can also be diseased teeth, as well as diseases of the throat and nasopharynx.
  • Rare, however, common among dog lovers reason — helminthiasis, especially echinococcosis. With the flow of blood representatives of this helminth spread of the body and can "settle" in the eyes, the brain, the liver, and also in the muscles. In such a case, in the structure of muscle fibers forms a cyst-sicut capsules with Echinococcus. To diagnose this type of myositisa hard. The more that is not only Echinococcus infect the human body.
  • The abuse of alcoholic beverages. Leads to the intoxication, as well as to the soreness of the muscles.
  • Physical burden. I'm sure everyone who at least once dealt with the intense physical activity, knows what is pain in the muscles. In this case, the reason is simple: because of the large load on the muscles surge, and covers with cracks. Then with the passage of time muscular tissue accumulate again. It is not dangerous, but uncomfortable.
  • The availability of trauma in the history. In this situation it is the cause of the pain is clear.
  • Permanent residence in an uncomfortable position.

If it hurts the muscles in your back, the causes must be sought between the above factors.

Accompanying symptomatology

At each myositise symptomatology is manifested clearly (in addition to the chronic form). Among the most common manifestations:

  • Painful. The main source of discomfort with the inflammation of the muscle tissue. The pain is intense, gnawing either drag. Are enhanced after the physical exertion, change in body position and overall, after trying to stretch sore muscles. Spontaneously subsides in the morning, it is amplified into the evening. Painful can be very intense, radiates in the rib cage, lower back, head, ears, lower jaw. Can pass for a heart attack, angina, heart attack. Delimit myalgia from problems with the heart "on the eye" it is possible to probably not.
  • The feeling of muscle stiffness. It is feel as if your back is upholstered tightly cast. Problems get worse after physical exertion.
  • Reduction of the functional activity of the spine. Manifested because of the intense pain syndrome.
  • The feeling of the external object in the area of the back
it hurts the muscles in your back, what to do

As usual in the clinical picture manifested all the symptoms at once, but it is possible and options. In particular, it is a chronic myositisa back muscles. In the case of chronic forms of the disease in addition to weak pain patient does not feel anything.

Who is in risk group

  • In the risk group include:
  • Persons engaged in work on the air. More often exposed to low temperatures
  • Professional athletes. Them muscle pain associated with overexertion of the muscle structures.
  • People, professionally engaged in physical labor.
  • Persons of an older age.

Diagnosis of pain in the muscles of the back

From the point of view of diagnosis muscle pain can be complex, because it is important to Delimit myositis from the diseases of the heart, lungs, stomach. Make it can only a doctor. As usual, the diagnosis and treatment of myositis dealing with the doctors-surgeons in tandem with therapists. The primary took care of the specialist asks questions and records all complaints. Then comes the turn corporis research (palpation) and functional tests, whose aim is to assess the ability of the back and spine as a whole. The main role is assigned to instrumental studies. With their help, the doctor certificat diagnosis.

For research:

  • Radiography. Allows you to fix the problems with the bone structures of the spine. This is an important step in the differential diagnosis. The main drawback — the lack of visualization of the muscle structures, which relate to soft tissue.
  • MRI diagnosis. Provides detailed images of the infected areas of the muscles. It is suitable for the identification of testopodobnymi formation, including echinococcosises.
  • Puncture. Is used in the presence of cystic cavities in the muscles. It is necessary for the identification of parasitic slaughter

For the purposes of differential diagnosis can be assigned to other methods of the survey:

  • ECG. Cardiogram allows you to detect problems with the heart.
  • The function of the external breathing it is necessary for the assessment of the functional state of the lungs.
  • Radiography of the organs of the thoracic cavity.

In some cases, are informative, and laboratory tests. In particular, it is assigned to the general analysis of blood. In the picture of the blood — leukocytosis, increased ESR, low number of red blood cells. This is the direct signs of inflammation.

In the complex of those surveys is sufficient for precise diagnosis.

Hurts the muscles of the back: treatment

Treatment, if it hurts the muscles in your back, mainly medically. In therapy are used:

  • Antispasmodic medications (for relief of spasm of the muscles).
  • Analgesics. Applies to alleviate the pain syndrome.
  • The Anti-inflammatories. Are necessary for the removal of inflammation in the affected muscles.
  • Antibiotics. You specify when a purulent infectious myositise.
  • Muscle relaxants. Allow you to remove pathological muscle tension.

Drugs — it is the first step on the road to a complete cure. Then comes the number of physiotherapy treatments and massages. May set apart and both in the period of exacerbation and in the remission. The specific names of the treatments as well as medications are intended only by the doctor. Separately take the medication strictly prohibited.

In extreme cases, when there was a festering heap of the process or echinococcosis is indicated operative intervention. Thankfully, happens rarely.

It hurts the muscles in your back: prevention

Prevention, if it hurts the muscles in your back, does not constitute complexity. Among the recommendations:

  • It's not worth it to supercool. It carries with it the emergence of myositis.
  • All sources of chronic inflammation should be timely disinfected.
  • If there has been unexplained pain — it is necessary to turn to the general practitioner or surgeon.
  • It is important to give up smoking and alcohol abuse

So the patient as long as possible can keep health.

Myositis — it's not harmless. Initiated the disease process is quite capable to lead to the loss of ability to work. Therefore not worth the risk. Alertness — the main satellite of a healthy person.