Pain in the right side from the back, from behind

Pain in the right side, reflected from the back – a symptom that can indicate a variety of diseases, including severe. If the patient gets to a specialist in a timely manner, it will allow him to avoid fatal complications and receive appropriate treatment.

Pain in right side

When the pain comes?

Right side pain, perceived in the area of the back – a symptom, in which it is possible in these diseases.

  1. 1. Diseases of the respiratory system:pleurisy ("dry"); pneumonia; pneumothorax; cancer of bronchus, lung.
  2. 2. Diseases of the digestive system: the intestinal colic; acute cholecystitis; appendicitis.
  3. 3. Diseases of the urinary system: retroperitoneal hematoma; hydronephrosis; glomerulonephritis; pyelonephritis; abscess of kidney; renal colic.
  4. 4. Lesions of the spine, spinal cord: osteochondrosis; spondylosis; intervertebral hernia.

A list of possible diseases in which there is pain in the right side in the back, long enough. Definitely worth it to pay attention to the character of the painful sensations, the accompanying symptoms.

Diseases of the respiratory system

Feelings of pain in the right hip, manifested by the spins, are among the characteristic symptoms of diseases of the respiratory system.

  • Pleurisy (inflammation of pleura) becomes exudative and dry, in both cases, may claim himself a sharp pain when breathing. In the purulent form the strong headache on the right side is added to the defective respiration of the affected parties. The dry form of reports on each blade pain seizures, which are activated when you move, cough.
  • Inflammation of the lungs (the right pneumonia) is accompanied by such symptoms as an increase in temperature, wheezing in the lungs, cough. The intensity of pain is different.
  • Spontaneous pneumothorax gives acute sudden pain, gives in to blade.
  • Lung cancer, bronchitis – diseases that are characterized by nagging pain, localized in the back on the right side, it is possible to also capture the shoulder blades, right shoulder. Syndrome activated by the growing tumor, in the process of movement, coughing, breathing.
Diseases of the digestive system

Diseases of the digestive system

The pain, which focuses on the right side in the back, it can indicate problems related to the digestive system.

  • Acute cholecystitis – a disease in which there are feelings of pain focus in the right intercostal space, may put in the shoulder girdle, the blade of the right shoulder. In some cases, will also be joined by a burning sensation in the lower back. Duration of a seizure can range from several days to several hours. Other symptoms – an increase in temperature, bouts of vomiting.
  • Intestinal colic may also be the cause of pain in this place. To remove it can be with the help of But-Spa, often it will disappear on their own.
  • Acute appendicitis is also able to cause pain in the right side in the back. This rare symptom appears, if appendicular shoulders localized behind the cecum, it increases in size, edematous.

Diseases of the urinary system

Many kidney diseases are capable of causing pain in the back on the right side.

  • Glomerulonephritis, hydronephrosis, abscess of the kidneys and other pathological phenomena are marked by aching, pulling, blunt and sharp pains. The pain increases if the push on the lumbar zone.
  • Renal colic gives a sharp pain, this symptom may indicate thrombosis of the renal artery.

Problems of the spinal cord, spine

Intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, pinched nerve root – all these problems can cause a sharp pain on the right side of the back. To confuse the pathology of the spine with other diseases, it is worth it to explore the other symptoms. In the back appears a feeling of stiffness, pain of a heart attack increases during the movement, it gives the rib cage, limbs, bikini area. It is also possible, the occurrence of numbness, "chills".

Expressed pain is possible at the turn of the scapula, the ribs on the right side. It is activated when you cough, taking in a deep breath of movement.

How to calculate the "sick institution"?

Often, people who are experiencing pain in the right side in the back, he doesn't know, to what expert to turn to, with which body related problem. Of course, with the exact diagnosis is able to determine the only a specialist after the completion of the complete examination.

However, something may tell of dislocation, the intensity and character of pain attacks:

  • On the right side below the scapula acromion. Maybe the problem is neurological in nature, is the result of the pinch points of the nerve. Also, it may be assumed, diseases of the lungs: pneumonia, pleurisy, lung cancer.
  • Under the ribs. Here are the liver and pancreas, the gallbladder. Pathology of any of these organs can be a source of pain. In the longer-duration headaches the liver is checked in the first place.
  • Right in the middle section. It is likely that the problem is related with kidney disease.
  • Lower back pain on the right side. Pain attacks can indicate pathology and injuries of the spine, hernia. It is also likely to occur disorders of the urinary system. In the last situation, the pain abating in any position.
How to calculate the

Pain in the back on the right side of the can bother a person and in the morning. It is likely that the problems that cause feelings of pain after waking up, bad mattress, dystrophy of the muscles.

Whether it is necessary to call a quick?

There are diseases that require acute treatment, in some cases, surgical intervention. Often the patient's life directly depends on the speed with which comes the medical help. Definitely worth it to call quick, when they appear such symptoms as a sudden, unexpected and not the end of the pain perceived on the right side of the back. Other symptoms – weakness, fainting, dizziness.

In any case, it is impossible independently prescribe you medication, is not undergoing medical examination. In the most extreme case, you can take painkillers for the temporary removal of the symptom. However, to completely get rid of the pain is possible only after the removal of the causes of its occurrence.