Pain in the left side of the rear side of the

Pain in the left side of the rear side – is an alarming symptom that requires attention. Many mistakenly believe that these pains cause disease only related to your back. Do not attach the importance or what is even worse, engage in self-medicate. On the left is a lot of vital organs, and therefore painful can cause diseases of the internal organs. Delay in treatment, late diagnosis is very dangerous for health.

The choice of the scheme of treatment and therapy varies depending on the complexity of the flow and related complications. When the pain stops, too intense or often return need the consultation of a physician to perform a diagnostic. In addition to the examination by the specialists, may need additional procedures and testing to refine the diagnosis.

pain-back pain

Why it hurts

Pain in the back on the left occurs in the most different times of the day, gradually calming down or growing. For the relief of unpleasant feelings, you need to understand the cause of their occurrence.


Long-term stay in the cold and drafts has a negative effect on health. Due to inflammation of the muscles occur cramps, feelings of pain. For the treatment need a special warming of the affected area, therapeutic massage and relaxation.

Diseases of the spine

Osteochondrosis, intercostal neuralgia, a pinched vertebrae are characterized by the appearance of pain, gives in the back. For diagnosis and the selection of the desired scheme of treatment will require consultation with an expert.

Painful conditions of the internal organs

On the left are located the organs of the digestive tract, spleen, left kidney, pancreas and gonads. Pathological changes in the work of these organs may complicate the emergence of painful feelings.

Also pain in left side of back back pain signals the pathological work of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. If it hurts the left side of the back and observed impaired breathing or heart rate, requires immediate hospitalization and call an ambulance. Procrastination can end in death of the patient.

For accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to describe the vocational character, strength and duration of the resulting pain, the place of their dislocation. It is important to clearly distinguish, in what area are manifested by a painful.

From the back in the lumbar and under the ribs

Usually with that kind of pain is to be a physician or a podiatrist: most often, the pain associated with pathologies of the spine. But when the symptomatology is broader and pain syndrome is manifested not only on the left side of the back, it is necessary to exclude other pathology. The main reasons, if localized pain in the left side in the lower part of the back.

Diseases of the spine

In the case of pathological changes of the musculoskeletal tissues in the lumbar need a diagnosis to identify the exact locations of pinch points or inflammation. If ill the spine, it is necessary a complex of special exercises, massage and symptomatic therapy.

Disorders of the kidney and urinary organs

Kidney diseases are often accompanied by shocks of pain sensations from the right and left sides of the back, edema of the legs, an increase in temperature, weakness. Low back pain in the left side can partially put under the ribs or down.

Frequent painful urination says about diseases of the urinary tract, most often this is manifested by the inflammation of the bladder or kidney stones disease.

Diseases of the organs of the digestive system

If there is pain on the left side of the back pain complicated by nausea, vomiting, general weakness, disorders of digestion, it says the violation of the GI. In acute inflammation of the gall bladder pain can sweep right under the ribs, and even higher in the pancreatitis painful spreads and gets on everything the left hypochondrium. Intestinal colic is often the pain they give in the back. But if the pain starts to hurt in the left hip and lower back at night or on an empty stomach, it is one of the symptoms of gastritis, ulcers of the stomach or of the twelve earthy intestine.

Diseases of the spleen

For injuries and painful conditions of the spleen is a typical dull pain the pain begins on the left side and in the lower part of the back, gradually extending down the middle. The pain amplified to the touch and every change in body position. If you suspect internal bleeding and rupture of the spleen requires immediate medical help.

The left hypochondrium and higher

The most dangerous feelings of back pain that are localized from the top, close to the heart and easy. The reasons why there is pain in the upper back on the left side.

Diseases of the respiratory system

Characterized by a sharp and throbbing pain sensations in the upper part, which are prevalent on the inhale, with only a momentary improvement, as you exhale. Often complicated by high temperature and general weakness. The symptoms may indicate pneumonia, inflammation of the pleura, neoplasms in the thoracic cavity, and other pathology work of the lungs and bronchi.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

A searing sharp pain of the chest on the left side, that shoots you in the back, the neck, the hands, the blade. These pains are some of the major symptoms of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, aneurysm of the aorta and other heart diseases. Often they are accompanied by general weakness, impaired cardiac and respiratory system, confusion or loss of consciousness. Require immediate hospitalization.

Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine

Sharp pain in the chest, on the left side of the back, arising after the monotonous work in the middle of the day, can point to the development of degenerative disc disease. Along with that may be strong, but long-term pain in the spine. The pain is worse at night and stronger, just feel them as you exhale. Held after a short walking and other physical activities.


Intercostal neuralgia

Burning sensation, constant pain in the chest, rising on deep inhaling and exhaling, any physical exertion or changing body position. The pain is amplified during the palpation, the direction is possible to trace the paths of the inflamed nerve. Overall, it is the character of the pain is very similar to cardiac pain, but is not accompanied by a disorder of heart rate or pressure.

Pain in intercostal neuralgia, and heart disease are very similar among themselves. Do not have the proper experience, it is difficult to distinguish one from the other, and therefore, in all fits of pain in the heart area, it is necessary to call for emergency help and to perform early diagnosis.

Back left and down

Inflammatory processes of the internal organs

If it hurts on the left side of the back and lower, it is necessary immediately to rule out pathology of the genital system. So women upon the occurrence of pulling and aching pain in the lower part it is necessary to seem to the gynecologist, men to the urologist. As usual, pulls the head accompanied by disturbances in the menstrual cycle, less often temperature and chills. Necessary examination of blood, urine, crop and ULTRASOUND examination of the organs of the abdominal cavity. Late diagnosis of inflammation and the drag of treatment lead to chronic stream of painful conditions and the accompanying complications.

The big share of probability, that gives in the back, pain in diseases of the kidneys and urinary system. And if there is pain accompanied by a disorder of the digestion, so they can manifest disease of the colon department of the colon.

Diseases of the spine

In cases where it hurts the left side, but the pathology of internal organs is not found, units of the backbone on the availability of degenerative disc disease or myositis.

First aid

It is important to understand what disease caused the pain syndrome in the left part of the back. Self-heal and self-diagnosis can only hurt or make their condition worse.


In diseases of the spine relieve painful help massage. A universal remedy for reducing muscle cramps, warming up, and remove the irritation of nerve fibers — massage. It should carry out the specialist and after doctor's permission. Starting therapeutic massage in the area of the lower part of the back, slowly advancing towards the throat along the spine. The movements are initially soft and smooth, only after warming up of the muscles adds to the intensity.


Symptomatic therapy in pain syndrome is the label of the medication against the pain. If the pain has arisen from injury or physical exertion, before visiting the doctor you can at the time to take off a seizure of pain using pain medication. During the heart of the head until the ambulance arrived to the patient to place a nitroglycerin under the tongue to support the heart muscle.

In women are often pain in the left side of the back from the monthly salary. If pain sensations are caused by a spasmodic condition of the internal organs, their stop the use of antispasmodics.

It is important to note that these drugs do not cure, but only to stop the symptoms, if the pain on the left part of the back. And so, a visit to the doctor still manages to escape.

Even when sick they think a heart attack is behind us, it's not a reason to delay the appeal to the clinic. In any case, it is important to diagnose why his back ached on the left side. This will help you avoid further complications. Only after the execution of diagnostic activities and the detection of the causes of pain it is possible to assign the treatment.

Physical therapy

When your back hurts, left after training or hard physical work, it speaks about the strong exhaustion and unpreparedness. It is necessary to reduce the intensity of the load to the correct levels.

Set of exercises for relief of painful feelings:

  • Reduce and dilute the scapula;
  • Clasp the hands behind the back;
  • The circular motion of the blades.

If it hurts the shoulders, you have to go down on your knees and bend to the floor, without sudden movements. Further round his back, pulling his hands forward. Training is repeated 2-3 times. Take care from overwork and excessive burden, it adversely affects the health of the musculoskeletal system and leads to various diseases of the spine.