Hurt the spine and gives in the legs


The legs and spine – that is the foundation of the musculoskeletal system, it provides a person the freedom of independent movement in space. The muscles and ligaments of the lower limbs, "managed" by a complex system of innervation, integrates the root nerves, the spinal cord, the cerebellum and the hypothalamus. For the basic balance, the stability in an upright position and wayfinding in the area carries out its functions in the vestibular apparatus. It is such a complex system, for any pathology in which they can develop a partial or complete inability to move on their own feet.

If they experienced pain in the spine and gives step, it is necessary as quickly as possible to go on reception to the spina. This condition is fraught with the development of dystrophy and atrophy of the muscular tissue of the lower extremities. Below to understand how the spine of a man and legs are interrelated, and will be completely clear, that osteochondrosis of the lumbar-sacral department – it's not just a constant pain in the lower back. This is a potential threat to the health of all the tissues of the lower extremities.

If you have pain in the spine and on the feet, then we can offer you right now, call our clinic manual therapy and make an appointment with an experienced spina or neurologist. The first consultation is available completely free of charge. Don't miss your chance to get the most complete and accurate information about the current state of your musculoskeletal system.

The spine and muscles of the lower extremities (thigh, lower leg, feet and toes)

The spine – this is the main conductor of nerve impulses from the various departments of the body into structures of the brain and back. In this way the management of the life. When the loss of such ways of conduction of impulses is disrupted, activity and function.

The spine and muscles of the legs are also interconnected by two types of axons (nerve tissue). The first half is responsible for the transfer of sensitivity from the muscle structures in the spinal cord. The second – for the transmission of the locomotor impulse centres in the brain to the muscles. In the first case, the central nervous system receives information about the effects on the muscles of the factors of the external environment. In the second case it is sent a command to commit a reduction or relaxation with the goal of the movement.

On a simple example it looks as follows:

  • on the surface of the skin touches a hot topic;
  • in the brain transmits a signal to the sensitive types of axons;
  • brain patterns immediately carry out the analysis of irritating factors, and in the case that the temperature is not favorable for maintaining the integrity of the epidermis, then it is sent to the reverse signal;
  • on motion types of axons to in myocytes, comes the impulse, forcing them to commit motion for the sharp surface towards that part of the body, which is defined by the negative thermal effect.

These impulses come to the soles of the feet, calves, thighs, fingers. All the muscle structures are subject to similar through the interaction with the central nervous system in the mediation of the structures of the spinal cord, including root nerves.

Similarly, the tied toes and the spine, so when osteochondrosis and its complications, patients will experience a feeling of numbness, soreness, a feeling of cooling in the distal part of the legs.

And this is only half woes. The fact is that the innervation applies only to the muscles. Regulates the function of the vascular wall. Approximately 70% of cases of varicose veins of the lower extremities is associated directly with the violation of innervation and chronic degenerative neural processes occurring in the lumbar-sacral spine. Varicose veins – it is a direct consequence of the long current degenerative disc disease.

Another impressive complication becomes atherosclerosis of the arteries and arterioles of the lower extremities and obliterating endarteritis. These diseases often lead to the forced amputation of the lower limbs. Person forever becomes a ruin.

And that's enough time to pay attention to the primary symptoms in the form of pain in the legs, numbness, disorders of blood circulation, exprimitur on the swelling, severity, paleness of skin sheets, etc.

Pain when the hernia of the spine to the legs

Arise pain in the spine and legs – this is the reason to urgently see a doctor and conduct a full examination. Most often, they are identified by a hernia of the spine and pain in the legs, and these two states are related.

When the hernial deformation of the intervertebral disc occur the following degenerative changes:

  • is disturbed the process of admission of the liquid using a diffusion exchange into the structure of the fibrous cartilage rings of the disk;
  • dehydration leads to the formation of microscopic cracks on its surface;
  • there is a loss of elasticity and flexibility;
  • fibrous ring loses its ability to hold shape and begins to gradually "sink", it loses its physiological level;
  • while this increases the size of the area of the disk, contact with the bone structures located in the upper and lower parts of the vertebral bodies;
  • thanks to the increased pressure begins the process of deformation of the inner nucleus pulposus;
  • this gives the excess moisture fibrosum outer ring and reduces in size;
  • it becomes less elastic and easily to the excessive pressure from the outer sides of the slides in the microscopic crack in the fibrous ring.

So make up the primary of the intervertebral hernia. Its size can be moved only 2-3 mm. But already at this stage of its formation the hernia gives the strongest painful. Literally restringunt the muscles of the legs. The patient has muscle weakness, he has a feeling that the lower limbs are his subordinates. Manifests the instability of the position in an effort to stand on his feet.

If in this state does not initiate the treatment, then the hernia will rapidly increase in size and may occur his carbonis sequestrationem. In such a situation the patient will be shown to emergency surgery, because the long broken innervation in the lumbar-sacral spine leads to a total dysfunction of the organs of the abdominal cavity them the scarlet of the pan. Suffers not only the legs but also of the bowel (inadequate emptying), bladder (the patient can not urinate), gall bladder, stomach and so on

Hernia spine-foot pain and numbness: what to do?

The first thing to do when my feet hurt and the spine, seek medical help. In this situation, you may request the assistance of the practitioner the therapist or when the availability of just a neurologist. But the problem is that the data are professionals spend only symptomatic treatment of such diseases.

The patient will be assigned to anti-inflammatory therapy. It removes a spasm of pain and even make you once again start normally feel. But here on the hernia (if it is) it will have absolutely no effect. Yes, when accidental movement may even occur independent of the reduction kýlanew eject. However, in the absence of effective treatment, aimed at restoring the integrity of the fibrous rings by returning the normal diffusion exchange between the muscles and cartilage of the cloth, the miracle did not happen. Literally after a few weeks or even days after the end of treatment, the designated therapist, the attack can be repeated again, and with redoubled force.

Much more efficient, if the hernia the spine and legs hurt, ask for help from a manual therapist. This specialist performs the treatment is aimed at removing the root causes of discomfort. Here, there are no pharmacological products, because they bring more harm than good.

If the patient is present hernia of the spine and numbness of the feet, then most likely there has been a significant compression of the sciatic nerve. To remove it, just hold a few sessions tractu traction. In the course of this procedure is restored to the normal position of the vertebral bodies. In the resulting space to restore the normal height of the intervertebral disc. In combination with osteopathy, massage and reflexology it gives a very quick and impressive results. Already after the second session the patient is celebrating a significant improvement in his condition.

For the full restoration of the health of the spinal column it is necessary to perform no less than a 10-minute session of manual therapy with the use of different methodologies.

The general principles of the treatment of the spine with pain in the muscles of the legs

There are general principles of treatment of the legs and spine, which allow with minimal effort to get back the health of the musculoskeletal system and provide freedom of movement. For starters, it is important to realize that the path to recovery should be cooperation with the attending physician. The patient must with accuracy comply with all recommendations of the doctor. How perfect was not a specialist in manual therapy, it is not able to eliminate factors of negative impact for the patient.

And because it is necessary in the course of treatment to do the following:

  • organize your working and sleeping areas in accordance with current standards of hygiene and ergonomics (often just poorly chosen furniture is the cause of the development of degenerative disc disease at a young age);
  • ensuring the implementation of the developed complex daily gymnastics;
  • change your diet and way of eating;
  • drink daily a large amount of drinking water;
  • spend a lot of time in the fresh air;
  • to reduce the influence of stress and psychological tension;
  • give up smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • to carry out comprehensive struggle with excess weight (if any).

In addition, the doctor may be recommendations with regard to the individual character depending on the lifestyle, the occupation of the patient and other factors.

Treatment of the feet and spine using the methods of manual therapy allows you to not only remove the existing disease, but also improve the overall condition of the body, increase vitality. It is very important to keep after completing the course of therapy. Continue to lead your new lifestyle, do complex gymnastic exercises. In this case, the spine will be healthy and pain in the muscles of the feet you won't bother.

We offer you to arrange your first free consultation to a neurologist or spina in our clinic chiropractic therapy right now. When receiving the doctor performs a physical examination, give a preliminary diagnosis. If necessary, prescribe additional instrumental examination. You will get all the information about the possibilities and prospects of treatment.