Back pain: symptoms, causes, treatment

Pain in the back – a fairly common cause of treatment to the doctor, according to statistics, up to eighty percent of people of older age are faced with this problem. The pain sensation in the area of the back can be completely different in nature and occur for various reasons, sometimes talks about the development of serious diseases.

In a number of the case of painful feelings in the back no special danger, their formation can be triggered by physical fatigue. However, if the pain appears constantly, sometimes even without explicit reasons, from the nature of it is not like the usual sensations during the exhaustion of the muscles, need to be vigilant. The great probability of a dangerous failure.

It used to be that most of the diseases of the spine arise exclusively in older age, but at the moment the statistics show that young people also not a few people with the degenerative nerve disease of the back. Therefore, it is in every age need to listen carefully to your own body. not worth it to ignore the pain in your back, especially if they appear often and are so intense that hinders day to day activities.

Causes of pain in the back

Causes of lower back pain is very much. Most often a variety of disorders of the spine, the nerves of the department. However, in many cases, the pain in diseases of other organs may simply go to the back area, because of which it appears, that hurts it a spin. Overall, issue the following causes of painful sensations of the part of the body:

Causes of pain in the back
  1. Osteochondrosis of the. This disease characterized by loss of elasticity of the intervertebral discs and their distribution, occurs in most cases. Osteochondrosis can hit the various departments of the spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar. From the site of the lesion will depend the character and localization of pain.
  2. Different curvature and function disorders of the spine. Most often it occurs scoliosis, кифоз, лордоз and more. In addition, the curvature often provoke the development of other diseases, and on their background.
  3. Education hernia. Data pathology usually occur on the background of other diseases, such as degenerative disc disease. When грыжах change the correct position of vertebrae, as a result of which arise from feelings of pain and other disorders.
  4. Various inflammatory diseases of the sciatic nerve, the nerve endings in different parts of the spine. Often occur inflammation of the sciatic nerve, sciatica.
  5. Injuries of the spine, destabilization of the vertebrae. Fractures and other injuries are very dangerous for many reasons, often when травматизации of the spine leads to spinal cord damage, nerve endings, which are located in different departments, the spinal pillar.
  6. In rare cases, the pain can be triggered by the formation of tumors in the spine. A variety of neoplasms occur not so often, however, in the analysis of symptomatology should not exclude such a possibility.
  7. Various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the urinary system. At various патологиях of the internal organs, the pain can give in the back, while they are usually локализуются in the lower back, in the lumbar.

Also be the cause of pain can increased physical burden. In this case, however, the feelings of pain arise exclusively in the muscles, their cause can be quite clearly traced, after a while you are going through on their own. It is worth to take into account that permanent high load, несоответствующие level of physical preparation, can trigger the development of diseases of the back.

The emergence of the very diseases of the spine usually affects several factors. Most often, the feelings of back pain occur in people with low physical activity, spend a greater amount of time in a sitting position. Also occasionally a factor in the so-called bad food. An unhealthy diet leads to недостатку the necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential for the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

In women

It also happens that my back hurts during pregnancy. Pregnancy – is an additional burden on the spine, back muscles, the body as a whole. So, the larger the weight of the fetus, the greater is the likelihood of developing pain. Sometimes my back hurts after giving birth, because the process itself is also accompanied by high loads on the spine and muscles.

For the same reason, my back hurt after the epidural anesthesia, when is its effect goes, the muscles and the spine are starting to hurt. The feelings of pain associated with childbirth, must pass some time, the main thing – to give the mother maximum comfort and peace of mind. If the pain persist, and their character changes, they should contact their doctor.

Which doctor to turn to when you back pain

Often without a full survey to establish the cause of painful sensations in the area of the back is impossible, and therefore most people don't know which doctor to turn to in the first place. Clearly see a doctor, it is necessary in the following case:

Which doctor to turn to when you back pain
  • feelings of pain in the back pain persist for several days;
  • back pain arise without obvious cause, suddenly, even in the absence of strenuous exercise;
  • feelings of pain are accompanied by flatulent, disorders of breathing, heartbeat, rise of temperature, спазмами in the stomach, pain in the right подреберье;
  • feelings of pain appeared after the injury, bruised, falls;
  • the pain gives to the arms, legs, other parts of the body, on its background starts to hurt the head.

Find out why your back hurts, you should turn to a neurologist. If it is necessary in the course of the survey, the specialist can direct to a doctor – ортопеду and other doctors. For the determination of the correct diagnosis usually requires external control, the analysis of the complaints, an x-ray of the back and other organs, if necessary, an MRI or CT scan.

For suspected diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary ULTRASOUND examination, analysis of blood. If it is likely that the pain caused by heart disease, it is necessary to perform an ECG. The list required diagnostics may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the flow of the disease.

Hurt the kidneys or your back: how to recognize the disease according to the nature of the pain

Often wonder how to detect the disease depending on the nature of the pain. In most cases it causes difficulties, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the feelings of pain, but accompanying symptoms. Also it is necessary to determine in which locations arise feelings of pain.

  1. Strong, the pull of pain. Arise when osteohondroze, especially often after sleep and physical activity, in this case their location will depend on which department the spine impressed. Most back aches in the lumbar spine, in the thoracic form – in the area of the blades, and when the neck starts to hurt the neck and head. Osteohondrozy accompanied by a feeling of numbness in the extremities. Similar pain can also occur in the formation of a hernia, rheumatic pain in the lumbar. When you cough your back hurts in the area of the blades, the character of this pain is a dull, but strong, in diseases of the lungs and heart.
  2. Acute pain. If acute pain occurs after an injury or a long hard work, there is a probability вывиха of the vertebrae. Sharp pain under the left scapula in the back can talk about heart and lung diseases, in the lumbar – diseases of the genitourinary system. In this case, they are accompanied by an increase in temperature, symptoms of intoxication, urination disorders.
  3. Gnawing pain in the muscles. In this case, may be caused by inflammation or перенапряжением back muscles. Usually during palpation of the affected muscles can be notice that are dense, strongly strained.
  4. Pain, отдающая to the lower extremities. Arises when inflammation of the sciatic nerve, it is accompanied by a feeling of numbness of the muscles, how would "shoot" for the legs, in the pelvic area, knees. Usually occurs only on one side of the body.
  5. The pain in some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the genitourinary system, the feelings of the pain can give in the area of the back. In this case, you can note that are not associated with the spine or muscular tension. Feelings of pain in diseases of the internal organs are not dependent on physical exertion, is not are held in the course of time.

Important! If the pain is sharp, they are accompanied by an increase in temperature, интоксикацией, is the reason to cause "fast help".

It is the main varieties of painful sensations and the most common diseases, their induction. The exact diagnosis cannot be determined without a full diagnosis, why it is not advisable to start the treatment without consulting your doctor, especially if pain is accompanied by other acute symptoms.

What to do when back hurts

In the first place you should turn to a neurologist and install of the disease, which triggered feelings of pain. After which usually starts with an exhaustive treatment. In most diseases of the back is a long-term, complex, includes the use of various medications, physiotherapy, massage and other techniques.

How to get rid of the pain

What to do when back hurts

If there is certainty that the pain is caused by this diseases of the back, vertebral pillar or muscle, there are several methods that allow you to alleviate the pain. However, it is necessary to take into account that if they are caused by physical stress, when a serious illness will come back. It is necessary to go to the doctor and pick up the appropriate medication. On the whole quickly relieve pain can be performed in the following ways:

  1. Pain medication medication. Usually use the pills for ingestion on the basis of ibyprofena, nimesylida, Diclofenac. In extremely severe cases may require injections, for example, on the basis of the Novocaine, but must provide a doctor. Doctor's prescription it is possible to use hormonal painkillers ointment. For headaches due to muscular tension, you can try pain medication cream, for example, Bengey.
  2. Belt for back pain in the lower back. You can use them in osteohondroze and other diseases of the spine, there are more old folk methods, a belt-based, wool, and other modern products on the basis of технологичных materials.
  3. Pepper band-aid and other species. Usually it is displayed when there is no inflammatory disease, and therefore, when its use is necessary to observe caution. Thanks согревающего effect, the result is get rid of the pain.
  4. Gymnastics. If the pain was triggered by physical exertion, you can try to gently stretch stiff muscles and spine. Exercise should be done smoothly, gently, so as not to damage. Gymnastics is also used in the osteohondroze.
  5. People's means. To ease the feelings of pain can also use various folk remedies. Help унять pain able of tiles based on honey, potato, reception of decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs in chamomile, sage, mint. For back pain it is recommended to use the belt from the hair of the dog.

Important! In inflammatory diseases of the internal organs of the use of these methods cannot be.

Data resources should help relieve back pain. However, if he comes back after some time, it is necessary to visit a doctor, they can talk about the development of such a dangerous disease.